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Throughout high school and varsity I have always kept visual journals and stuck stuff up on the wall above my desk that inspire me and lifts my mood. After all, staring at a blank wall is not going to lift you out of a study or work slump when your trying to stay focused.

Now that I am all settled and moved in, I am on a mission to make my space a reflection of me and the things I love. I bought a felt board awhile back and selected a whole bunch of images I really wanted printed and never got round to it because A. the cost and B. the cost ;) Colour printing is ridiculously priced and especially on nice paper. My friend Monica recommended a place in Observatory (Cape Town) called easi-print.

 I called them before hand to explain that I had no idea how to lay this out so I could print without breaking the bank, the guys were super helpful so I popped in straight away and a very patient young man helped me place several images per a page so I could work on as getting them all printed without losing the format and size of each pic. Technology and I sometimes don't gel well so it was really nice to leave it to the professionals! They help a lot of students out and are situated near AFDA in Obs. They are looking for more business and keen to help!  I found them far more affordable than anywhere else that I had enquired about and the staff were very friendly and incredibly patient, they also offered to cut all the pics up for me because I am left handed and basically cutting things is not my strongest point!

So here is my desk coming together nicely with my gorgeous prints stuck up on my new inspiration/motivation board. Next project will be sanding my desk and getting it into top condition, but for now I am really happy with the way it is coming together. On the left side I have post-its which I use to write positive affirmations on. Every time I look at my desk I take in my board and read the quotes before I start on my task. It helps me stay focused and inspired, plus its super pretty :)

Not all the pictures fitted on my board so some have been kept in reserve for making cards and gifts, while the other are now on my fridge :) Everyone needs some fridgespiration in their lives! How do you like to express yourself creatively in your home and around your desk space?

All the pictures plus more were printed on beautiful paper (I love paper) and they kindly offered to laminate each one for me, which I didn't do this time but will do so in the future. Don't forget to check out easy-print in Obs, 199 Lower Main Road or give them a call on 021 448 8621.

"Easi-print has been in the screen-printing business for the past 20 years.We are specialist screen printers offering a large range of products printed on ABS, Self-adhesive Vinyl, Corex and Perspex.Our highly experienced staff can assist you with your complete project from design to finished product. We provide a photocopying, faxing, scanning and poster printing service to the general public. Our prices are student friendly and student friendly and competitive".

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  1. This is great :) I've been meaning to buy a board and do the same for my desk, defs need to get round to it once and for all! hope ur doing well xx