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So the day before yesterday I decided to do this post - it took time and effort and I published it with pride and guess what...... instead of deleting a draft post - I deleted this one. To sooth this meaningless drama - I ate half a slab of chocolate. So this is my second attempt. Holding thumbs.

I am not a huge beauty product person because I have always had sensitive skin (and a limited budget) and because I am the kind of person when trying to find a product in a store that I don't know anything about but really know I need, I generally break out into a cold sweat and hide in a corner so I can ask twitter what I should do. So, I like to try and keep things simple and have learnt over the years to not buy products "just because" or "because they look nice/ have pretty packaging/ or because its on sale". Now when I find something that really works for my skin I try stick to it :)

These are my four favourite face and body essentials that work wonders in summer and really work for sensitive skin like mine. The thing I like most about these products is that a little goes a long way and they are all affordable and easy to stock up on.

Eucerin Sun Protection SPF 50 for Face

Ok I will admit - I am a little late to the game with using sunblock/sunscreen consistently! I know, I know! I have always tried and used tined moisturises with a SPF etc but most sunblock has caused my skin to break out or literally slides off my face. This is truly a sunscreen that is great for your face and neck and it is water resistant! I use this bad boy everyday especially after I noticed that sitting in endless traffic was causing my face to burn and develop sun spots on the one side - eeeek. While sun damage is not ideal and I am a little late to the game, I try my best to keep my face out the sun and this really works for me as a daily sunscreen that lasts.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleaner

Honestly in my opinion the holy grail of face wash. I have always struggled with my skin. Having Mediterranean genes means oily skin, my mom refused to let me take any medication for my skin (which I am kind of happy about now in my old age) so I struggled through people telling me what to do and how to solve the problem when I WAS already doing all of those things (drink water, avoid oily junk food, etc etc). I also went through every face wash I could find....literally!!! I came across Kiehl's and there is no turning back. Its the only face wash that is gentle on my skin and also makes it feel incredibly clean without drying it out or leaving it oily and patchy. A small drop goes along way to a foam party on your face! Full of vitamin E and avo oil its a real dream and I would like to think its helped with controlling and cleaning up a lot of my skin problems. This winner is in the 200's price range and last me several months - yes SEVERAL!

Nivea Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion with Q10

Please can I personally thank the person that created this product? Not sure if its really good marketing or really in my mind but after seeing my friends results from using the lotion I was totally convinced and went out and bought a bottle. I apply it every night after a shower to my thighs, stomach and hips and I can see my skin is looking smoother and firmer! Do not apply in the middle of summer in the insane heat and then leave the house - this is really not a good idea! A hot shower and a good gentle massage followed by a good nights rest will almost guarantee you wake up feeling like a leggy goddess.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Yup been down this road before of poorly matched base or cheap foundation that causes drama and even expensive foundation that was well, just expensive and pointless. Then finally!!!!!!!!! This beaut of a foundation made its way into my life after having a magical love affair with BB Cream I decided it was time to step up the coverage for certain events. It is glorious and leaves a dewy fresh look! Best part - its from Clicks, inexpensive and a little bit truly goes a long way in terms of coverage. It doesn't cake and it is easy to touch up. I found my dream colour and then they ran out of stock / may not be stocking my colour anymore (weeps dramatically) but after scooping out the last drop of my first bottle I managed to find my colour!

Do you use any of the above products? what kind of results have they given you? I would love to know which four products work for you and why you love them!

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