Tuesday, December 9, 2014


 A few weeks ago we celebrated our anniversary at Steenberg Wine estate with some wine tasting and then a ridiculously delicious tapas dinner at Bistro 1682, one of the two restaurants on the farm. This place is really a slice of magic hidden in the suburbs, it's the second time we have been there and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a special date night location or a celebratory meal! 

We started out with some Wine Tasting at the bar overlooking the lush lawn with the moody mountains in the background. Tasting start at R20pp for five wines from the premium and super premium range (if you buy a bottle the tasting is for free) there are a variety of tasting options that also include a cheese or food pairing, see here.

My favourite wine was the Klein Steenberg Sauvignon Blanc 2014. I love the label and the freshness of the wine with flavours of peaches and pears, pineapple and passion fruit.

We went specifically for the tapas which are incredible. This picture is a major lie because we had more than this! But I didn't have time to take more pictures because I was too busy savoury and revelling in the deliciousness. As seen below angel fish spring rolls, calamari,  three cheese fritters and patatas bravos (the most incredible potato chips you will ever eat). 

And without a doubt my favourite - the Arancini- sundried tomato and basil risotto with paprika mayo.

They also have breakfast and lunch menu which I have heard people rave about, so always make sure you book! Stay posted with events that they host throughout the year here.

Let me know your experience and what you can recommend next time we go!

Sunday, November 30, 2014


I have always wanted a leather bag, mainly because I know what a good investment one is and the fact that every bag I have ever bought that is non-leather always ends up falling apart and is an overpriced waste. So I began doing some research and checking out various local leather brands and I also checked out some big retailers, but honestly, I could not justify spending thousands on a mass made product. OK, now I just sound a little pompous but bear with me here... 

I ran into a friend who mentioned this amazing leather bag she had seen at the Bay Harbour Market and it cost a smooth R450. At first I was thinking, sure sure thats cool but I doubt that is the price?!? I did some major research and found it all to be true and thus leading me to the Bay Harbour Market only to be found my dream bag was in actual fact, sold out.

Obviously I am thrilled that the company is doing so well and that their products literally fly off the very cool and hip racks that they sell them from, but my heart was a little broken. I phoned them and was reassured that they would be sold the following Saturday as the Biscuit Mill. So like a creepy stalker I hung around the stall before it had even opened and waited for the stock to arrive and then BAM! Dream leather bag and I became one. 

So who is this amazing brand you may ask? Well, its Called ROWDY and I am obsessed with them.

ROWDY believe "that customers receive value in the form of the hand crafted leather goods that are certified for life and priced at the levels that are fair for everyone involved and represent their true cost". I am so down with this! Another win is that the bags are locally made and each salesperson is trained and skilled to be empowered as entrepreneurs.

They do not sell any of their bags in stores, they keep to markets ( they also sell at various markets in Spain) and they now have a fantastic site where you can shop from directly.  (I waited for them to get more stock of the brown leather and settled on this beauty).

Tote Bags with zip - R450 (R350 without) and it has a nifty inner pocket for all the little bits and pieces. Totes come in a soft buttery colour, black, grey and different shades of brown. 

Rucksacks are R950

Duffle bags are R1300

The customer service is really incredible and I had the pleasure of meeting the owner and various associates who are incredibly passionate about what they do and keen to help and assist people so that they too can have the pleasure of owning one of these bags. The thing I like about it the most is that its incredibly light, even though it has a ton of my stuff in it, the bag never weighs me down, it feel comfortable and natural and I am 100% satisfied with this purchase because I know it will last a long time, I also love the rustic look and feel!

 If you are looking for a great Christmas gift or simply keen to spoil yourself, I highly recommend these beautiful bags. If you don't get round to making it to the Bay Harbour Market or The Biscuit Mill, check out the ROWDY online store and ROWDY Facebook Page

If you own one of these beauties I would love to hear your story :) 

Sunday, November 23, 2014


You will never be more beautiful, more radiant, more stunning, more glowing, more happy, more alive, more healthy, more strong, more activate more everything than you are right  now in this moment.

We all keep waiting to lose weight, have less wrinkles, feel lighter, look better, be more in shape, but what about today, what about right now, when you have, all that you have in this moment, at this very point in time, and you are holding a glass of wine laughing out loud with the crinkles around your eyes and your hair messy and maybe your body a little softer and you clothes a little crumpled, but you are happy, you are alive, you are on the beach regardless of your size, diving into the ocean and feeling the icy water wake up your spirit and soul.

You are comfortable curled up in your pi's watching a dvd and snuggling up to the love of your life.

You are mindful and thoughtful, compassionate and kind, not only to other but to yourself.

You are free from the restraints that society places on you, you are who you are and you don't hide it from a single soul. You are gracious and speak positively of yourself, you are less quick to judge others and yourself, you are quick to say good things about your life, your looks, your goals, your dreams and your possessions. You think twice before you berate your body, your relationships, your ambition and your self-esteem.

You are fiercely determined, you do things that make you happy, you are not a people pleaser, you make time for yourself and the things you love and that makes you happy. 

You do as you wish with good intentions.

You stand by what you believe in and you don't easily sway. 

You forgive and you do try and forget.

You are happy with all the clothes in your cupboard and you're happy in general to actually have clothes at all. You don't spend vigorously to cover up, hide or change who you are, you invest, think wisely, choose carefully and find the greater good, even if its old or not the best or latest fashion.

You have enough, you don't need more than what you have got. The material things are not important to you, the experiences in life are. You don't clutter your world with meaningless junk that is self satisfying for only a short period of time.

You are not buried in your phone, laptop or online. Your eyes and memory capture everything and they drink it in and let it settle in a place that doesn't need filters, editing or cropping.

You feel all the emotions that you need to, you are not afraid.

You believe in your ability, your work, your ethos and your passion, you learn from others, you listen to them and gain more by doing so. You don't hide your potential for fear of others not approving.

You wear the bikini, you run in a field with flowers in your hair, you forget to use a hair straightener and a million other products to look perfect. You walk around from time to time without make-up or heels, or things that constrict you.

You read something informative and insightful that touches your soul deeply instead of salacious gossip or doom and gloom.

You exercise because you enjoy it and it makes you happy, you fill fit and strong. You don't exercise because you have and you hate it.

You live life guilt free. 

You are an individual who is inspired by others, you do not feel jealousy or resentful towards people. You are happy to celebrate in their happiness and good fortune. 

You are aware that you are not a perfect human, some days are good and some days are bad, but you live on and push on because this is your life, you have been granted one life, there is no second option or redo. This is now and this is everything. 

The air in your lungs, your feet firmly on the ground, you are on a journey and you are stopping along the way to admire all the beauty, all the life, all the joy, pain, happiness, sadness, the opportunities, failures, love and loss. You are stopping and looking at the view and revealing in it. You are spellbound by the beauty, the realness, rawness and honestly that is presented to you. 

You are not on a path that has no vision, no view and no depth. No my friends you are here, you are now, you are alive and you should be most definitely grateful and gracious for the life that you have been give.