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The business of being competitive. By nature we are all driven to be competitive and to do well. But in some cases, and more often I have noticed how incredibly nasty competition has become. I notice it all the time, its not always driven by the need to do well, its driven by peoples insecurities and jealousy issues. There is no trophy in life for everything you do. It is about personal accomplishment and really excelling to the best of your  own ability. 

It should not be about 'crushing' someone or beating them at something, or even finding victory in their failures, competition should be healthy and relative to you. Not the point where you become ugly to others or feel threatened by their success. It is time for people to be driven and motivated through inner growth and expanding our own abilities. 

I notice this a lot at varsity. Its down right bitchy actually. People make assumptions and put others into boxes, this persons is good at this, that person is better at doing that. Actually no, everyone can learn from each other and break out of their comfort zones when they truly let go and actually dive in head first, absorbing and learning with a healthy drive to succeed. As it is we are competing on every other level in our lives, surely its not necessary?  Surely we should learn to support each other and be happy for each other?

It worries me that boys are very threatened by smart girls. Last year our group did very well in a yearly event that functions over six weeks. We worked hard, we worked long hours, we dealt with group dynamics, limited time, budgets, presentations, breaking through things, getting stuck on things, moving forward and learning to pick ourselves up and aim for the best, not to beat everyone else, but to reach our full potentially. Shockingly, we received little congratulations and support from fellow students, boys labeled us the three mean girls, we even got called bitches?? When did this become appropriate? When did girls start competing with each other and boys start competition with us too? The other girls in my group are incredibly talented on several different levels and each do incredibly well in their courses as well as having a multitude of other talents. Not once did I feel jealousy, I felt driven and inspired by them to unlock some of my true potentially, and they helped me a long the way!

Obviously not everyone is 'mean competitive', but an alarming number of young people seem to be driven by the wrong things and wrong attitudes towards competitiveness  Winning at anything in life is a personal achievement. If you are smart, outspoken and driven you should not be oppressed in anyway, male or female. Most jobs require you to work in a team, varsity teaches us to break out of our moulds and dig deeper, learn more, learn from others, grow your mind and grow yourself personally. The more and more I think about it I notice peoples hostility and ugliness to others who do well. It has to change, we can't all function at a level of jealousy and insecurity. It has to stop been about everyone else and what they are doing and start focusing on ourselves, as individuals. 

Be happy and inspired by other peoples success in life. Don't take it away from them. Most of all learn to be driven by a greater force, not s superficial one that actually makes you more distant and less approachable in life. Not just in your job or at varsity, but in every other area of your life. If life is a celebration then why are we so busy raining on everyones parade?

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