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Currently totally obsessed with making these! I love Brinjal also known eggplant, they are high in antioxidants and vitamins and have a host of health benefits. You can cook them a variety of ways, but I really like making the chips. My first few attempts were proper fails until I read up on how to actually do them properly. So, here are my words of wisdom for making brinjal chips 

1. I get brinjals from Pick' n Pay and they usually come in a pack of two. They last awhile but make sure they don't go soggy. 

2. Slice them up, not too thin and not too thick. I kind of free styled here and cut them in different thicknesses and lengths.

3. Eggplant is full of water!!! You need to get all the moisture out otherwise they end up soggy and a bit sad. Once you have sliced them up place them on a board or tray and sprinkle salt all over them. I use the Himalayan pink salt. This will draw the mouusture out. DO NOT leave them out for more than an hour, if you do leave them for longer they bizarrely end up tasting insanely bitter. So hour max.

4. They should now be covered in water droplets having had the moisture drawn out of them. I use paper towel to dab up the moisture and then I place them on a flat baking tray. Heat oven to about 100/110 degrees and put onto bake.

5. I brush the slices with olive oil and garlic or spices which give them a bit of flavour and help them to brown.

6. Then its into the oven! Again I am not sure how long they go in for, but its usually about 10min and I keep an eye on them. Once they look like they are baking and changing a more golden colour, I put the oven onto grill for a bit until they start looking more crispy.

And there you have it!!! I always eat too many and I adore them with hummus. Great substitute to potatoes and rice. 
Let me know in the comment section below if you have given them a try and if you have any other recipes for brinjal/eggplant!

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  1. Fantastic idea... I have started eating Cucumber with Hummus as a snack because you introduced me to it and now im in love. <3