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Recently I have been doing a lot of thinking about friendships. 

As I get older I realise how truly important my friendships have become. As an only child I didn't grow up with siblings to fight with, but my parents always taught me to be a strong young lady that can fight any battle on her own two feet without having to hide behind others. When you are young, friendship can be fickle, hard to understand and pretty broad. 

You learn the hard way who you can and cannot trust, you go through hurt, betrayal and a variety of other emotions before you start to learn and cultivate friendships that are worth keeping. You make the same mistakes over and over again, but eventually you do learn. Yes sometimes you grow apart and back together, sometimes friendships fade, some don't end well and some need time and space to grow while other happen over night. 

 I am open to meeting new people and learning from others and meeting/making new friends,  some people you just click with and some people you don't, some are acquaintances and some are the ones who just simply get you... those are the ones that will be lifelong friends. Every step of the way, the big group of friends always has a core group, this core group of people will always be your salvation.

 Out of that small group are girls that I know, I am 100% convinced that they have my back. Some I have know for years and some are more recent but I now understand the fundamental importance of treasuring and nurturing these friendships. If life gets too busy and months pass by, a quick catch can feel easy because you can pick up right where you left off. I didn't have a big group of friends in school and I have never belonged to a girl group, but the girls that I know now, are all different ages, some know each other and some don't, but what I hope they do know, is how much they mean to me.

These people have walk a road with me, they have seen different stages of my life, some have been there from the start, others have joined my journey along the way. But they all know my past, my hopes and dreams for the future and where I am now in my life and they truly care. They help me grow spiritually and emotionally, they have depth and determination that inspires me, they are all strong women who have lives that they lead with love, passion, dedication, devotion and self worth  Every time I see one or speak to one I feel like I am truly me, each bring out the qualities that make me ME and inspire me to do more, do better, work harder, give my all in life.

Recently I discussed something that was bothering me with three different friends, funnily enough, they all the exact same advice. Even weirder although my parents were divorced, if I asked my mom and dad separately for advice, they too gave the same advice. This just goes to show how well these people know me and understand me. Sure some of us have had conflict or confrontation, but it is apart of learning and growing as a person, being honest and true to yourself and eager to engage and learn from others and break away form surface level conversation and truly immerse yourself, can only be beneficial to you and your friends.

I know the friends in my life are people I can trust, who will support me no matter what, they will never cast judgement, they will always have my back, my best interests at heart and understand all my quirks. They accept me for me and that is something truly special. They have seen me cry and laugh, heard me complain and rejoice, they have entered into debates with me, comforted me and grown my mind. I am not jealous of my friends, all of them are so beautiful, both inside and out, so full of compassion and so interesting, they continue to amaze me as I learn more and more about them. Sure I envy them sometimes but I always tell them when I do ;) I mean these girls have it all (including gorgeous hair).Through recent times they have listened, listened properly and deeply, given me wise words or simple gestures and messages, they seek no pleasure in my pain or failure at things. They are interested in my life and what I do and they never hold my words, beliefs, ambition and life choices against me. 

Each friend has something so deeply unique and so truly special that they bring into my life and I hope I do the same for them. I love you ladies very much and appreciate your patience, my ramblings messages, my good days and bad, my jokes, my joy, my everything. I will work hard to maintain and express my appreciation to you because fundamentally, you are not just friends, or sisters to me, you are guardian angels that I believe in, and who in tern, believe in me. 

Thank you cookies/dolls/lovelies 

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