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 A few weeks ago we celebrated our anniversary at Steenberg Wine estate with some wine tasting and then a ridiculously delicious tapas dinner at Bistro 1682, one of the two restaurants on the farm. This place is really a slice of magic hidden in the suburbs, it's the second time we have been there and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a special date night location or a celebratory meal! 

We started out with some Wine Tasting at the bar overlooking the lush lawn with the moody mountains in the background. Tasting start at R20pp for five wines from the premium and super premium range (if you buy a bottle the tasting is for free) there are a variety of tasting options that also include a cheese or food pairing, see here.

My favourite wine was the Klein Steenberg Sauvignon Blanc 2014. I love the label and the freshness of the wine with flavours of peaches and pears, pineapple and passion fruit.

We went specifically for the tapas which are incredible. This picture is a major lie because we had more than this! But I didn't have time to take more pictures because I was too busy savoury and revelling in the deliciousness. As seen below angel fish spring rolls, calamari,  three cheese fritters and patatas bravos (the most incredible potato chips you will ever eat). 

And without a doubt my favourite - the Arancini- sundried tomato and basil risotto with paprika mayo.

They also have breakfast and lunch menu which I have heard people rave about, so always make sure you book! Stay posted with events that they host throughout the year here.

Let me know your experience and what you can recommend next time we go!

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