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I have always wanted a leather bag, mainly because I know what a good investment one is and the fact that every bag I have ever bought that is non-leather always ends up falling apart and is an overpriced waste. So I began doing some research and checking out various local leather brands and I also checked out some big retailers, but honestly, I could not justify spending thousands on a mass made product. OK, now I just sound a little pompous but bear with me here... 

I ran into a friend who mentioned this amazing leather bag she had seen at the Bay Harbour Market and it cost a smooth R450. At first I was thinking, sure sure thats cool but I doubt that is the price?!? I did some major research and found it all to be true and thus leading me to the Bay Harbour Market only to be found my dream bag was in actual fact, sold out.

Obviously I am thrilled that the company is doing so well and that their products literally fly off the very cool and hip racks that they sell them from, but my heart was a little broken. I phoned them and was reassured that they would be sold the following Saturday as the Biscuit Mill. So like a creepy stalker I hung around the stall before it had even opened and waited for the stock to arrive and then BAM! Dream leather bag and I became one. 

So who is this amazing brand you may ask? Well, its Called ROWDY and I am obsessed with them.

ROWDY believe "that customers receive value in the form of the hand crafted leather goods that are certified for life and priced at the levels that are fair for everyone involved and represent their true cost". I am so down with this! Another win is that the bags are locally made and each salesperson is trained and skilled to be empowered as entrepreneurs.

They do not sell any of their bags in stores, they keep to markets ( they also sell at various markets in Spain) and they now have a fantastic site where you can shop from directly.  (I waited for them to get more stock of the brown leather and settled on this beauty).

Tote Bags with zip - R450 (R350 without) and it has a nifty inner pocket for all the little bits and pieces. Totes come in a soft buttery colour, black, grey and different shades of brown. 

Rucksacks are R950

Duffle bags are R1300

The customer service is really incredible and I had the pleasure of meeting the owner and various associates who are incredibly passionate about what they do and keen to help and assist people so that they too can have the pleasure of owning one of these bags. The thing I like about it the most is that its incredibly light, even though it has a ton of my stuff in it, the bag never weighs me down, it feel comfortable and natural and I am 100% satisfied with this purchase because I know it will last a long time, I also love the rustic look and feel!

 If you are looking for a great Christmas gift or simply keen to spoil yourself, I highly recommend these beautiful bags. If you don't get round to making it to the Bay Harbour Market or The Biscuit Mill, check out the ROWDY online store and ROWDY Facebook Page

If you own one of these beauties I would love to hear your story :) 

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  1. I have a slight obsession with Duffel bags so definitely have my eye on one of those!

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

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    It is Very nice info.............
    The Cobbleroad

  3. Bad customer service! Promised a delivery time of 2 days. Received 4 confirmatory emails that it would be sent the day after I orderded and paid!

    6 days later, after no further contact, I Facebook messaged, emailed the company, and eventually called after not receiving the tracking number, to find out that the item hadn't been dispatched, as they were out of stock, and unsure when stock would be available! Needing this item for the weekend, I don't have enough time to reorder anything else!!

    Cheap bags, apparently also mean cheap customer service!!