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I have always loved reading, but for some reason this year I have hardly read and I miss it. One of the things passed on to me was my dads Kindle.

Naturally I have not used it as I felt weird about it. it also had a lot of books my dad had read on it and it made me very emotional if I went through the books and read things he may have read before he passed away. But, my dad loved reading and always encouraged me to read. I actually had the absolute pleasure of growing up when I was little with parents who loved reading. My dad used to read to me every night from a massive story book.

So, I decided to put the Kindle to good use and I have downloaded a few books lately. Nothing can beat a paperback book or the library, but for current releases, top sellers and in terms of affordability, I have to say the Kindle is a pretty amazing thing.

These are my top 3 books for female readers:

 Bossypants -Tina Fey
Hysterical, blunt and totally honest. She does not hold back in this book. I am still reading it but so far I am in love! This book is an honest account of her life, the trials of growing up, her journey and her own experiences - which let me just say, she doesn't sugar coat! If you are looking for a good laugh and a reality check out of a superficial bubble, this book is a winner.

Girls in white dresses - Jennifer Close
Total chick book. BUT it is totally realistic and doesn't present the usual unrealistic romance rubbish that you KNOW does not happen in real life. It follows the lives of three friends (and extended friends) through varsity, their work lives, love lives and dealing with the influx of friends who keep getting married, divorced or having babies. I found it a quick and easy read that is current and realistic. Pretty sure we can all relate to some of the stories in this book

Living the savvy life - Melissa Tosetti & Kevin Gibbons

MUST READ! This savvy woman's guide is about how to work with your finances and helps identify where it all goes wrong in terms of spending. The aim of the book is to inform and enlighten female readers about how they can save money while still having a wardrobe full of wearable clothes, holidays that can be saved for and how to save money without being miserable about it, but rather ways of finding, attaining and maintaining balance. 

Let me know your favourite reads and recommendations :)

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  1. I LOVE this post! I adore reading but I'm always at a loss about which book to read next. You've sorted me for the festive season! Thank you :)

  2. Will definitely look at the last one. Have read the other too. Having a Kindle or Kindle app really makes a world of difference!

    xoxo One Stiletto At a Time fashion and beauty blog