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I got the opportunity to try out these amazing new permanent hair dyes from Shwarzkopf. For me personally, I don't dye my hair simply based on the fact that I am rather happy with my hair colour and I am also not ready to take a leap into the world of hair dye, yet! So my lovely friend Emma tested out the light brown shade 665 for me. (Another friend will be trying out the blonde next week).

I love Schwarzkopf products because they are a sure bet for top quality and I find their hair care range (which I am currently trying out - see review soon) provides a lot of moisture and a shine. My mom and my friends dye their hair and often the feedback is the same - hair that is dry and weak after home dye application. It is always lovely to go to a salon and have a professional do your hair, but cost wise, it can become expensive and I really think what the colour mask offers is salon quality that you can do at home. It comes in a variety of gorgeous natural looking shades as well.

What it promises:
 Color Mask has a unique and luxurious hair mask texture. The hair mask contains amino-active-protein and vitamin-oil-complex resulting in incredibly soft to touch and deeply cared for hair with a healthy, glossy shine. 

Emma's review

I was really excited to try the Schwarzkopf Color Mask as I had read up on it on other blogs and had only read great reviews about it. The shade I tried was “Light Golden Brown”. As you can see in the pic, my hair was previously a golden blonde colour that had a faint reddish tinge to it (natural colour).

I opened the box to find a small tub of Developer Cream, a tube of Colour Cream, a sachet of Hair Mask and an instruction leaflet with gloves.

I squeezed the tube of Colour Cream into the jar with the Developer Cream, and as per the leaflet, and shook it for about 40 shakes, or until the two creams looked like they were combined. I must say that I absolutely loved this aspect of the dye, as there is no mess and no fuss. I put on the gloves and worked the product through my hair as much as I could with my fingertips and then clipped it up with an oversized hair clip. The leaflet suggests leaving it on for 30 minutes but I left it on for 40, as I had dyed my hair previously and the colour didn’t take to my hair properly.

After 40 minutes I rinsed the dye out. The nice thing about this dye is that it doesn’t take long for the water to run clear.
I had some dye on my ears and neck but it came off easily with warm water and a cloth. Next I applied the Hair Mask to my hair (I only used about half the sachet) and again clipped my hair up and waited 2 minutes for the mask to soak in. I rinsed it out completely and then combed my hair and let it dry naturally. The mask made my hair feel, look and smell amazing!

I then inspected it to see how much of a difference there was. The new colour was apparent in my roots and the front part of my hair, but I didn’t get enough coverage all over. I was a bit disappointed by this but I knew I should have used 2 boxes as the leaflet said that 2 boxes should be adequate for hair that is longer than shoulder length (and mine definitely is!)

The only thing I didn’t like was how strong smelling the dye was. It is a pungent ammonia smell that made my eyes water slightly, but the smell was gone once I had applied the hair mask, and actually smelled amazing afterwards. Natalie so kindly bought me another box of the dye and I dyed it again, this time focusing on the back and the ends.

The result was fabulous! It is more of a coppery-brown colour but I really love it. This was only my second time dying my hair ever, but I will definitely go back to buy the Schwarzkopf Color Mask as it is the easiest at-home hair dye I have seen advertised, and is at an affordable price-point for its quality. 

My hair felt considerably soft to touch and didn't feel brittle at all. This is a great product for women who are wary of purchasing dye because of the damaging effects it sometimes has. It definitely deliver what it promises. 

Thanks to Natalie and Schwarzkopf for the opportunity to try this product.

Thanks Emma :)
Saturday Girl SA

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