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So this is an unedited, unistagram view from my bed. It isn't something you will find on some super stylish site for bedroom inspiration etc. But it is mine, all mine. My space and my view.
I have had to spend a lot of time here. Fun fact about viral meningitis - it can't actually be cured with medication (expect anti  medicines) the only real cure is rest. 

Yes, as in no exercise, not even walking far to your car or round the shops or popping around the corner to a friend for a cup of tea. ZERO (like major rest from  normal daily life kind of stuff).Nothing like forced rest to make you realise how much you do in a day, how busy life is and how as humans we are pretty incredible creatures. Also a reminder that your head and brain take a lot of strain. It is so frustrating not being able to do basic normal things without experiencing pain. I am a self confessed overachiever and don't like being told I can do stuff, even basic stuff. All of this has again reminded me we take small things for granted, reading, writing, driving, walking, completing basic life tasks like cooking, sleeping, going to a birthday or for dinner.

Having to listen to a neurologist is pretty scary, I mean the man is no joke and with the thought of lumbar puncture number two looming in the background I have made sure I take the doctors orders, as difficult as they are. If anything I have learnt so far this year, it's that we are a million times stronger than we think we are, we can do so much on our own and are crazy independant, but boy oh boy, is it awesome to have people who care and support you in times like this, wow, they truly rock!

I am not superhuman, or perfect, and if one more person says "wow you have been sick a lot, or you're always sick hey?" I may suggest they be supremely grateful for their health and suggest they level with me and try a lumber punter before commenting  (joke). I think people often forget, you don't need to physically look like a sick mess to be actually sick. You can look pretty normal and be sick too. 

Be kind to others, sick or not. Be patient if you are ill, be nice to yourself, respect yourself and reflect. Nothing like lying in bed, by choice or not and reflecting. Look at all the things you don't usually bother with. Use the time you are given in life, that allows you down time to really and truly think, rid yourself of worry and anxiety, feel appreciation and respect for the life you have been given, the bed you sleep in and your health.


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  1. You are such a strong person. You will get through this! Here for you Nats xxx

  2. Thanks for always supporting my lovely ems xxx