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As you would have seen at some point in my blog, I was busy at varsity with a 5 week project called brand challenge. The entire college (except 1st years) from all the different courses and degrees come together to work on a real company/brand. 
This year brand challenge was separated into two groups - 2nd year together and 3rd/honours together. In a nutshell, its truly an awesome experience that gets you involved with creatives, strategists, multimedia, copywriters etc  and forces you to work together and get a feel for what it will be like working in the industry.

 Our group was mainly made up of strategy and creative, and our brand was Missing Children South Africa. Such as incredible NGO and really rewarding to work with. I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences and if anything, brand challenge has made me want to work harder, learn more and get involved!
Our team won the junior debut brand challenge which was so awesome! 

Our gift was a really cool book, Welcome to the Real World! 
Written by two past pupils from Vega, this book should be something everyone starting out in the big wide world should have!

"Practical advice on topics including travel, accommodation, studies, employment, finance and personal health and safety, and written by two young women who have been there, done that, no one about to leave home for the first time should be without it."

A must for cool christmas gifts :)


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