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Appears to be a lovely looking crumpet right? Wrong :) This is a galette. A friend of mine is on the Dukan diet (I would not last 5 hours, she has been doing it for months, majors respect to her). One of the things she mentioned for a good alternative to bread/carbs are these. Galettes are made with oats and super easy and inexpensive to make. I made this batch the other day and popped them into a container and into the fridge. Today I ate three with a scrambled egg and baby tomatoes, wow, super yum and very filling, which is what you want to feel. Ultimately they are very bland, but if you put avo, nut butter or any other healthy spread, or simply add it to a meal, it's really tasty!


2x eggs/egg white
3x tbsp oat bran (I use jungle oats oat bran)
3x tbsp Greek yoghurt (they say 0% fat, I could not find it)

You then whisk it or liquidise it all together, slightly grease a frying pan and there you have it! If you give them a go please let me know what you think and if you enjoyed them :)


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