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Last few days of varsity holiday and coming to an end and this past week I have really been making an effort to work on myself as a person and also find some calm in my heart and in my mind.  I went back to yoga and it felt incredible to go and stretch out my body. Since moving I have struggled to find a class I really like and one that works with my timetable, so I am hoping my new timetable permits some leeway for these particular classes. If not, I will have to roll out my mat at home and make my own calmness. While I love gym and exercising, I do adore yoga, it stretches you in every possible way that helps to awaking you and push you a little bit further and to breath a little bit deeper.

The last few varsity holidays I didn't get to really have a holiday, so I have really enjoyed this one. I did a massive cupboard clean out and sorted throughout all my draws, clothes, make up and magazines. We really don't need a lot in this life, and we don't need to hold onto every material item. I am a hugely sentimental person and I like to keep everything that has a memory attached to it, but this time I thought of a lot of people who have nothing and could benefit from the things that I no longer use or have been sitting in my cupboards for years and simply gathered dusk from move to move. The whole process was weirdly very therapeutic! My neighbour had his door open and was playing Enya (the entire album) which made for a rather calming environment  instead of my usual frantic clean up mode. I was pretty ruthless and pretty honest and pretty stoked to have finished it off and dropped it at Nazareth House knowing that it will be washed, folded and specially hung in the charity shop or given to patients that could benefit from the things I donated. It really is a wonderful place and I have found two fantastic jerseys in the charity shop so pop in sometime if you live in Cape Town, (they do have one in JHB).

I went for a wonderful walk on Camps Bay beach with my friend Kristi the other day. It was so needed. She is like a soul sister to me and someone I can always relate to. The sun was out the air was cold and the scenery was just  beautiful. We walked the length of the beach and then sat soaking up some good old vitamin D on the rocks at Glenn beach. Really need to get out more and not just get too stuck in my routine, hello Cape Town is just too beautiful.

I started a gratitude journal which is making a huge difference in my life. No matter what kind of day I have had I make the effort to sit down before I go to sleep and write about my day and the things I have to be grateful for. If something bad happens in the day it simply cannot over shadow all the good in my life. Sure I have moments, honest moments and I write about them to, its good to get them out and on paper, but its nice to also affirm the good that I have in my life and appreciate it even more.

I am learning to be more mindful of myself, my body, my time, my friendships, relationships and my beliefs and ethics. I am working on my patience, my calmness and my focus. I am pouring energy into the right places and trying to not let silly things derail me or get me down. 

I love this quote because it is so true. Often we cling to negative or bad situations, discussions, remarks, moment and memories which in actual fact do not deserve that much time, energy or space in our minds. Yesterday I had a really unfortunate incident which got me really worked up and super upset, straight away I thought what bad luck do I have. Wrong, its not about luck, good or bad, its life, and instead of letting it ruin my day, week and weekend I decided (after a few pep talks from boyf and friends) that it is not worth getting into a panic about. I will deal with it and sort it out. At the end of the day I was not harmed in any way and nor was my life or anyone else. The situation is repairable and will be costly but non the less it has come and gone. I can't hold onto it and let it over take my entire thought process. Simply not worth it. That goes for a lot of things in life. You have to not let it consume you. There is good in so many things and a moment of gratitude makes it all the more worth it

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