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I have written and rewritten this post so many times and every time it doesn't actually reflect what I truly feel and what I am really trying to say. So here goes giving it another shot. This year has been a lot about self discovery and my blog has taken a more personal tone. I am learning more about myself and my surroundings everyday and working hard to push myself and break boundaries. It is my final four months of varsity and I am taking in as much as I can and learning as many lessons as I can so I can really grow and flourish. 

This post is based on personal experience and experience, stories and concerns that my friends and others in my life have shared with me.

Don't let people bully you. Stand up for yourself. Find a voice that is not harmful but one that holds truth and honesty. Be strong and stand tall, even if you have to do it alone. Be strong and speak up, even if you have to turn to someone else for help.

People with the smallest amount of power can abuse it. Learn from this, don't become like this. 

Respect is most definitely earned.

Buy books, lots and lots of books.

Buy something on the winter sale that you know you will wear to death.

Get up and move, get out, go run, skip, hit the gym, hit the park, hit the mountain and feel the air on your skin, take huge gulps of air into your lungs and feel alive. Get rid of the aches and pains.

Don't complain constantly. Think of your warm cosy bed, that wonderful hot shower you had, the comfy pi's you sleep in, that delicious breakfast you ate, the comfortable dry clothes you are wearing, your car, your place of work or study. How fortunate you are.

Stand up for your beliefs and don't step down to please others. Be true to yourself and be tactful, not tactless. 

Be yourself, not a copy of another person. Not wishing or wanting to be someone else, just be who you are - its a wonderful feeling to just be you!

Don't spend your life justifying or explaining yourself.. what for?

Have faith in your abilities, set goals, have dreams, have a light at the end of the tunnel.

Be grateful for the family and friends who consistently make an effort in your life and who are always there for you.

Make time for the people who deserve it.

Don't waste time on people who leave you feeling negative, upset or offend you in some way. It's a waste and that time could be used constructively else where.

Have a solid cry. One that washes away all your hurt and grief or pain.

Make plans and stick to them.

Reinvent your wardrobe, revive your old jewellery. 

Do something nice and expect nothing back in return.

Understand not everyone will think, feel and live the way you do. Accept it and move on. We are all different. Don't try and change others or yourself for others, look deeper.

Believe that this too shall pass.

Keep a gratitude journal.

Make a vision board.

Buy a plant and nurture it.

Work hard, play hard, live hard, love hard.

Think before you speak.

Get off the defence.  Write down all your hopes and dreams and remind yourself everyday that this is your life and its here for YOU to live. Stretch your mind, your body and your soul.
Do it for you.

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  1. I am always happy to see a new post from you pop up in my Bloglovin feed. I really enjoy your reflective posts because they give me an opportunity to take a breather and look at my own life and what I am grateful for etc, so thank you for always writing from the heart.

    1. Abby that means so much to me. Really really appreciate your constant support and kind words always xxx You are so lovely xx