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Save up and spoil yourself.
 Sometimes its really nice to spoil yourself a little. I ordered these amazing, affordable, locally made beauty products from Hey Gorgeous check out the site. I think you will be very impressed and really swoon over the amazing natural products!

Get some animal love.
Nothing like a cuddle with a cat or dog to lift your mood. Animals are so soothing and truly the most loving, kind creatures. This is show pony Tess. She belongs to the boyfs family. Whenever I see her she gently puts my hand in-between her teeth and then takes me for a walk. lol

Read more about things that interest you.
I recently bought this book after wanting it for a long time. I am becoming more interesting in surfing. Not any good at it, but I would like to give it a go and not give in too easily. Since I cant exercise for awhile, I decided I can at least start researching and reading up on it.

Remember to thank the ones that do so much.
The boyf has truly being an incredible support in my life. He and my mom as well as a wonderful group of friends, have truly stuck by me and supported me. I need to remind him and them, more often how much I appreciate them, their time, patience and unconditional love.


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  1. So sweet. Love the photo of you and the boyfriend!