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So I went straight out of brand challenge to basically straight into hospital. It really is not my year. Seems I landed up with viral meningitis, which took almost three weeks to diagnose and then I still had to endure two trips to hospital (and two stays) as well as a lumber puncture, neck pain and awful head pain. I am out now. The not so ideal part is now having to recover. It can take up to 6 months to fully recover and in the mean time.....no exercise for nearly three months. eek. Once again, its a major wake up call to how important health is. Stress less - so hard to do, but so important. 

The more we push our bodies and do everything to the max, we are asking for trouble. It is so important to stop and listen to what your body is telling you sometimes. I really had a big shock and wake up call. Stress brings about a low immune system which makes you more vulnerable to catching viruses. Oh, and not sleeping that's a biiiig problem. Pulling all nighters to get work done and functioning on empty is NEVER ok.

Since I can't exercise, not even yoga (sad sad sad) I decided to look at another aspect of yoga that is vitally important. Breathing

There are many different and complicated techniques that you can use. I focus on a more basic form of breathing (see picture below). Yoga breathing allows for a greater sense of spiritual and mental enlightenment. It includes a variety of health benefits and allows for the body to stay centred and focused. Especially when you are at your most stressed and anxious.

Going to be making a big effort in the next few months to really focus and try not push myself. Its hard to be patient when you want to exercise and go nuts. I think this is the perfect time to focus inwardly and work on keeping my mind, body and soul, calm and at ease.


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