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I have being reading a really amazing book called The Clean and Lean Diet by James Duigan. While it boasts an  Really good 14-day DETOX ( have not done it myself, but have tried the recipes), the book is mainly made up of clean eating suggestions and lifestyle changes, and while its hard to follow it all and in my opinion a bit pricey to try cook and the way he suggests,  but it is a great food guide. 
It helps you through various food group tables with suggestions on each group, such as Bad. Better and Best options. This is super helpful if you are looking to make a few (or major) changes in your daily diet. 
Again, its not a weight loss gimmick, it's more of a healthy way of life and how to make changes in poor food choices. I find it to be educational and have applied some of the principles to my own daily diet , as they run in conjunction with helping heal meningitis through good, healthy, immune boosting food.

Below is my summer health list, it's a lot longer than this, but these basics are working for me. I am not perfect and not on a diet. I am a major chocolate monster and love a good burger, potatoes, pasta etc. But for the sake of my health I am trying to cut back on those things and sugar, caffeine, meats etc as they all aggravate meningitis. I am also trying my best to make small changes, especially if I dine out. I really want to have a healthy mind and body. Taking pain medication and going back and forward to the hospital (hooked up to all sorts of drips etc) can really mess up your body. My skin, hair, body and diet have all taken a major knock, so I am on a  self heeling/mending mission. Here are some of my summer health tips.

  1. lots of water - filtered water if possible.
  2. Add a squeezed lemon to hot water in the morning. Kick start your digestive system. Also great for the skin!
  3. Invest in a good sunblock, research what works for your skin and if it contains harmful ingredients.
  4. Try body brushing - best way to get rid of dead skin and stimulate blood circulation.
  5. moisturise your whole body daily.
  6. Do some form of exercise, even if you work around the block a few times.(non applicable to me, zero exercise for now)
  7. Keep good posture - squashing all your internal organs will hinder digestion.
  8. Drink tea that doesn't contain caffeine in it, try white tea.
  9. Eat lots of antioxidants - berries and more berries!
  10. Research and read about health, so much amazing information out there.
  11. Get breathing! proper yoga breathing that opens up your lungs and gets rid of stale air.
  12. Invest in a good pillow, get a good nights sleep.
  13. Eat dark leafy greens, the normal lettuce is water with zero nutritional value.
  14. Put moisturising sun cream not only on your face, but on your neck, chest and hands daily! AND your lips.
  15. Protect your hair from the sun when you hit the beach, invest in a good sun protection hair product and a big hat.
  16. Prevent swollen ankles by rotating them clockwise and anti clock wise during the heat.
  17. Try not eat refined sugar, rather get it from fruit, and if you must, from really yummy authentic dark chocolate.
  18. Prepare your meals, make an effort to pamper and care for yourself daily.
  19. Don't forget how important it is to stress less, stay clam and don't push too hard.
  20. When you eat fruit, add a few nuts to prevent sugar levels from spiking.
  21. Take a good vitamin
  22. Try go organic with fruit and veg check out my post on Wild Organics they supply locally and it will change your life!
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