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I thought I would share with you what I keep next to my bed, just for fun and because this stuff is a staple in my life and really helping me feel a bit more human and overall better :)
  1. VOSS Water Bottle - A few years ago I invested in a 800ml VOSS bottle. It is made of glass and I reuse it all the time. I find drinking out of bottles to be easier because it keeps me aware of my daily intake and reminds me to fill it up!
  2. Sally Hansen nail strengthener - Recent illness means brittle nails, drab hair and skin. This is possibly the best nail strengthener I have ever used and I really like the natural gloss look it gives my nails. You can also apply it a few times weekly.
  3. Probiotics Probi Flora - A must in my opinion and I always try to take them when I have eaten too much sugar or my stomach doesn't really feel right.
  4. Nivea Q10 Anti Age Hand Cream - I really believe in taking care of your hands and for years I have not paid much attention to them. Now as I am getting older, I realise the importance of using a good, nourishing hand cream. I usually apply it at night and I love that it has Q10 in it. PLus my mom is living proof, her hands are gorgeous thanks to hand cream.
  5. Natura Rescue Remedy - Love these drops, great for stress or sleeplessness. Especially during exams.
  6. Nivea Pore Refining Day Cream - I keep day cream next to my bed so I am reminded to use it! This is a really awesome day cream as it has an SPF 15 in it and you really don't need a lot when applying it. Perfect for combination skin.
Except for the VOSS bottle - which you can get from Wellness Warehouse, everything else is from Clicks and really is affordable and incredible quality.

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