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I am a huge fan of food! And an even bigger fan of fruit and veg. Shopping for one can get rather pricey and also rather boring. Years ago my mom used to get an organic crate but we stopped because a lot of the things were a surprise every week and often filled with things we didn't eat. Then my friend Brigid told me about Wild Organics (same place my mom used to get the crates form). She said she was really impressed so I went to check out the site...and..WOW.

You have three options, the mini bag R100, the standard bag R150 and the made-to-order bag. R200I opted for the mini bag. Every week you get something different and delicious. The best part is, you can now swap out what you don't like and replace with a fruit or veg of the same value. This is what this weeks mini bag consists of: 

To order you simply register on the site and follow the steps. You pay by EFT and collect from a variety of collection points around the peninsular. I actually split the contents of the bag with my mom, ( so works out to R50 each) so basically double what you see (except for the beetroot-that is a full bunch). The site also offers hints and tips and they also sell cheeses, breads, dried fruit, bottled good and more!

  here is my portion of the bag and she took half. The fruit and veg is obviously organic so it does not come out all perfect, which is actually what you want. Check out the website to learn more about the process and the organic farming they use. I swapped out my celery for leeks and I am really happy with the result, best part was everything smells really fragrant and fresh! So if you live in a flat or can plant your own wonderful organic garden then this may be the way to go.

My order:

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  1. This is amazeballs! Im totally going to do this with my mom too! Thanks Nat for being so inspiring. Xxx - Jodi