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This weekend proved to be a very busy, awesome one. Varsity work has been stressing me out to no end and making me feel like a total loser and maybe even a bit like a failure. It has also taken up a lot of time on the weekends. Sometimes when you push yourself and your not getting it and basically hit a wall, you need to stop, regroup and get out of the house! 

So this weekend Cape Town spoilt us with some truly gorgeous sunshine and some time out! On Saturday the boyf and I decided to hire bikes at the pavilion in Sea Point and go for a cycle. What a great little work-out and loads of fun! We cycled to the Green Point Park and back. So much fun by the sea and great to feel the warm sun! 

Sunday was an absolute treat! The boyf is a surfer, has been for about 20 years and is pretty much obsessed and skilled. I have always wanted to give it a go but been nervous about my back injury. Fortuntely yoga has improved my upper body strength and I felt like I could finally give it a go! Last weekend the boyf bought a new wetsuit and we saw how many learners there were out at Muizenberg.So this weekend off we went! What a fantastic vibe! Young, old, experienced, not so experienced all out having a blast! We hired an insanely large board, long and made out of some kind of foam (so I didn't risk knocking myself or someone else out) And we made out way down the beach. 

Fortunately the boyf is incredibly patient and is basically a saint, so I felt really safe and really happy to have him teach me. I was pretty nervous and my feet went numb lolz. I now admire people who surf more than ever! You have to be a certain kind of fit and prepared. Surfing is not easy! I would say for a first try I did ok! 

I practiced staying on the board (umm exhausting!) and going over waves. Yes, I did get thrashed, but then, its done and you try again and again. I managed to "ride" a few small foamy waves on my chest  and upper arms ( think upward facing dog yoga position) and eventually on my knees. No standing (that will take a looooootttt of practice).There is a lot to remember and I chickened out a few times because waves looked "big and scary" when they are so freaking tiny.

 The hardest part was not having an senstation in my feet or toes! I also have discovered muscles I NEVER had. My back is a bit sore, but then again I was arching like a maniac so now I know for the future to engage core muscles more and chill a bit. We had a ton of fun, loads of laughs, lots of fails and some wins. Glad I finally got to give it a try and would like to do it again. obviously having the boyf by my side most of the time made a huge difference! I love a challenge and love getting in the sea!

And I cannot lift my arms, walk or bend. ;) But soo worth it!


photos  bit hazy, ie: instagram

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