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I realised I have not written a list in ages. I love writing my lists, little summaries of my thoughts and things I have been up to. So, here is a list of all the random stuff :)

  • Dreaming of Arniston (see above) such a special place
  • Still have really bad days with lots of tears, guilt and regret. I guess it is a process
  • But I do have moments when I laugh so hard it hurts and it feels good
  • Loving how funny my varsity class is. No matter how I feel varsity always make me laugh
  • I am petrified of Brand Challenge, which will run for 5 weeks. eeek
  • Loving the winter sun
  • Started an alpha course which I am homing to continue if time allows for it
  • Taking taxi's to varsity and back. Listening to peoples stories and how friendly others can be
  • In need of a girls night catch up night with Monica and Kate - with monks Chinese!!!
  • Craving a good old SA braai in the sun after a day at the beach!
  • Dreaming of running away to live on a beautiful island and living a simple life
  • Wishing I had new gym shoes, mine are hurting me and totally shot
  • Trying to appreciate where I live more, taking in the beauty of the beachfront
  • Setting goals to take more of my own pics with my camera and share them on my blog
  • Feeling more inspired about blogging and sharing things
  • Stopping to remember the good in life and special memories
  • Keeping an inspiration / motivation journal
  • Staying strong because of my amazing mom
  • Think of my dad everyday, wish I could have answers or solve so many things
  • Trying to not retreat into myself
  • Reading as much as I can
  • Catch up chats with Kristi while we watch little goochie dominate all the dogs
  • Still a little afraid of driving?? all of a sudden? Bizarre
  • Not standing for people bullying me. Growing a back bone, slowly
  • Loving this semesters subject! Public Relations
  • Scouting around for intern jobs
  • Feeling grateful for Neil. The most patient, kind and caring person I know
  • Trying and trying with everything, in the hopes that I will really succeed 
  • Have a desire to bake, but can't afford it right now lol
  • So over eating cans of tuna :/
  • Missing Colette - come home now man :)
  • Trying to cut down on sugar - I am a total chocolate monster
  • Reading more blogs and loving how expressive and talented people are

By: Saturday Girl SA

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