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I have a lot of really awesome childhood memories so it was really hard to pick only one. I love these three pictures because each of them hold a memory that stands out. I remember my third birthday (left) and the awesome mini mouse cake and the pretty little dress I wore. It's weird how some things stick out in your mind. The top picture reminds me of holidays with my folks at a place called the Blue Marlin and they had this epic pool at the hotel and my dad would spend hours playing with me in the pool. The bottom picture is at my grandparents house. They have these green chairs around the kitchen table and I am so sad that they gave them away when they moved, I think they are pretty retro. I always remember going to my gran and eating, she always made my favourite Lebanese dishes and I always finished everything on my plate :) Your childhood is something so special and it aids in your future and how you remember things in your past. I feel very lucky to have good memories and even though I am an only child I never felt alone.

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