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Consol Solar Jar

Today at the Desing Indaba I came across these insanely awesome solar jars made by Consol Glass. 
I have heard about them a lot lately and I am dying to get my hands on some! I am a huge fan of candles and out door lighting, the solar jar offers a safe, easy and incredible green way of using light. What makes it light up? the solar powered LED lights inside the jar, with a solar panel in the lid, so when you leave it in direct sunlight it charges the panel and you can have up 6 to 9 hours of beautiful light from these special jars.

If your an avid camper or enjoy outdoor functions and events, these jars are safe and complete reusable and rechargeable as well as recyclable. 

Great for dinner parties, braai's and events such as birthdays and venues. The jars create a very unique way of decorating lighting without the fuss and with all the safety.

You can order online : (retail price R120)

Check out the consol website to find out about stock and where you can find these beauties for your home:

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