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Pretty boring right? haha Nothing stylish or fashionable about it! Just the good old contents of my trust old handbag! lets talk through it:

  • My trust old Element wallet - I got on sale at a surf factory shop in JHB, its looking so tatty but I love it!
  • My USB stick - is my life! I use it all the time at college so its always in my bag (I always lose it)
  • Blue vanity bag - jam packed with tablets, plasters and various other bits and pieces! I cant live without the stuff in there! 
  • My yellow comb - got it in a magazine free a few years ago, it is the perfect comb.
  • Samples - Nivea and 8hour sunblock, both come in so handy all the time and are the perfect handbag size.
  • Medication - Probiflora is an essential, I truly believe everyone should take these, they really help. Zinplex Forte is a zinc tablet I take for my skin, it's truly amazing at helping your body heal faster and regenerate the skin, plus its great for boosting your immune system.
  • Gloves - from my dad, true lifesavers in this chilly weather
  • i pod - who cant live without music :)

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