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If you want something in life you have to go out and make it happen. I am learning that what ever that may be, the person responsible for making change, fixing bad habits, changing mindset and positive thoughts is you or in this case me. No point in anguishing over things. Have to get up off my butt and get the ball rolling.  So here is an update on somethings I am working on and the small changes I am making in this journey of figuring things out and trying to find good balance and actually stick to a game plan and follow through without instead of getting side tracked! 

Exercise for real
There is no point in moaning and complaining about the lack of exercise or time to exercise lately (last six plus weeks) the only person who can make time to do these things is me, and nothing is more important than finding time to do something I enjoy and love. I am in week two of been back at gym and yoga properly. I feel more alive, awake and energised and most of all more determined to find time and establish a routine, it doesn't have to be in the gym or specifically in a yoga class. It can be that run I have been eager to do, that walk with a friend, an beautiful evening of yoga on my mat at home or a quick power work-out in my lounge with home weights. It can and will be done and exercise will never ever be neglected again! My go to for a quick full body work-out is this gem of a video - The Victoria Secret 10 minute Full Body Work-out. I have also set goals which I am hoping to achieve and keep me fully motivated. I have also found it helpful to follow people who blog and share honest stories of their fitness journeys and inspire me to work harder and not give up. Check out the lovely MariskaFit , beautiful Midlands Musing and the brilliant, funny and real Yoga Girl .

Food that inspires you
 I am making small changes where I can and in subtle ways - will never be able to give up, pizza, burgers and chocolate #notsorry but I am making changes and will slowly give this whole 80/20 thing a go. Found a great snack - Nairns Oat Cakes you can't stuff yourself on them because they are weirdly filling and tasty and they make a great snack with a bit of hummus.  It is always worthwhile investing in a well stocked fridge of food, less lightly to waste money and also fully motivated to get creative and try new things. I am no expert but I have figured out the only person responsible for what I eat and how it effects me, is actually me, once again, can't blame it on social occasions or been to busy. Also really into Clippers White Tea with Peppermint it has a whole lot of health benefits and is refreshing and delicious.

People who you simply don't need
I have never been a people pleasure, I understand tact and I understand that everyone is fundamentally different and we all think, feel and do things differently, our intentions are not always bad and nor are other peoples but that doesn't stop the fact that some people just simply do not gel…this is not cause for war or a national news announcement, it is simply life. If someone doesn't like you, that really is non of your business, and unless you are aware that you have offered the person personally, chances are the problem does not lie with you, in actual fact the problem is with an issue that they have with themselves. You cannot ever go around trying to please people or to make them happy, like you or get a long with you.  You are also not responsible for other peoples insecurities and issues that they have with you been you. People come into your life for a reason or season, learn from both, find forgiveness, compassion and understanding. People pleasing is exhausting - put that energy elsewhere. Why would I pour energy into people who have no real interest in my life or have no intention to really participate and be apart of it. Nope, done and I feel a million times better for it.

Switching off
I have realised how easy it is to get lost online, reading blogs, news, articles, etc. Its fine, but I have said it before there is a limit. I am currently making an effort to switch off before bed time or after I have done and assignment or studied for a test, so easy to get lost on mind numbing sites or scrolling through relatively meaningless instagram accounts. I am currently reading Not That Kind Of Girl - by Lena Dunham creator of series Girls. It is as bizarre and graphic as the series, not sure how I feel about it. I have also been playing a lot more music while I study or when I am home, something I stopped doing for a while but now cannot live without. 
Currently loving Lorde - Pure Heroine, Nina Simone - Greatest Hits, The National - Trouble Will Find Me, Of Monsters and Men - My Head is An Animal, The Rolling Stones - Flash Point (live).

Stop explaining yourself
I recently found myself explaining to someone why I had spent money on something. Um….why? Why do we do that, why do we feel we need to justify what we do with our time or money? I certainly don't give a toss what people earn, how they live and where they bought their handbag from and how much it cost. Yet a large amount of people do care. Maybe its just the way I was raised, but you don't justify or discuss finances or other peoples finances. I feel happy for people who have things that they want and desire and have the accessibility to achieve the goals they want or buy the new face mask they love. I simply do not care about peoples financial circumstance and nor should they care about mine. If I am not spending your money, your time or taking away your dreams then to be perfectly honest, I am don't want to hear nor be asked where and how I spend my money or time. Its a habit I think a lot of us suffer from - a cool comment from someone and suddenly your a hot mess trying to justify and explain why you were not home glued to your desk, where you got your shoes and if the dinner you had at a restaurant was not "too pricey". Stop, stop, stop. Its not anybody's  business and unless you are particularly interested in the cost of someones purchase so you can do the same, or how they spend their time so you can try it too, it is simply bad manners to ask inappropriate questions and further comment on the answer and its demeaning to yourself to feel you have to explain it. If people are making assumptions then there is nothing you can or should do to try and change it.

Spoil yourself
In keeping with that, I have been feeling a bit like a student bergie so I went for the most glorious pedicure at Sorbet which was super relaxing and really nice to just have some me time and do something nice for me (guilt free) and now I have pretty painted toes that I can  show off in summer sandals. I also bought some gorgeous LUSH products which I will blog about in my next post. I had been using drip and drabs of old scrubs and body lotion when I decided there is no time like the present to spoil myself a bit and feel fresh and confident and completely indulged. No regrets and I plan on doing some more self spoiling every couple of months, even if its something small and I make use of it and it makes me happy.

Dream big
I love to dream, I have always been a dreamer and always been able to visualise my dreams, which I like to think helps me keep motivated. I have moments of insecurity and fear, like anyone else, but I simply refuse to let anyone or anything rain on my parade - because the minute you have self doubt or don't think you can achieve something, your inner fighter backs down and doesn't karate chop that thought right of your head. If you want something and you see it, believe it and visualise it then go for it. Sure everyone has a thought and opinion about it and some are going to be hugely supportive and others won't, but its for you to decide how you will let that affect your goals and dreams. It might not happen over night, it might not happen in three months time, but you cannot stop dreaming and believing. Cheesy, but I have realised you have to push through and talk to yourself nicely.

So now I have put all my thoughts out there and shared some things about myself - again. If you have any thoughts or advice on any of the above I would love to hear it

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  1. How do you manage to stay so cool, calm and collected in this crazy world? Its so refreshing to take a moment to just breathe and reflect, thank you for reminding be of that. Your determination to live and live well is truly inspiring, beautiful Saturday Girl xx

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