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I may have gone a little overboard in the LUSH store recently……. as one does. I have been using drips and drags of cream and scrubs and finally after they all finished I decided it was time to invest in new ones! Summer is coming up and I definitely feel like I want to shake off the long winter (and my dry skin) so what better place to sooth the soul and spoil ones self. PS: If you ever want to buy me a gift - you know where to go……

I cannot recommend LUSH products enough. For some reason I always had this perception that they are pricey. Actually they are well made products that really WORK and are reactively inexpensive compared to some of the other products out there that are loaded with all sorts of weird chemicals. I had a little LUSH sabbatical because I no longer have a bath since moving, so we only have shower now and I forgot about all the other great products they have - not just cool fizzy balls for the bath.

So here is a little break down of the three products I am currently in love with.

RUB RUB RUB - Shower Scrub
This is a fine sea salt scrub with a light fragrance of mimosa and orange flower. It isn't too harsh on the skin as a scrub and its perfect because it lathers up and becomes incredibly soft and smooth making it a fantastic shower gel. I suffer with dry skin and if I use a very heavy exfoliator which sometimes  aggravates my skin. This is just the perfect combination and you can also apply it to dry skin before you hop into the shower for deeper exfoliation. The best part is, you can still smell it on your skin later in the day and it really does feel very luxurious when you apply it. I haven't tried it yet, but they also recommend you use it in your hair as sea salt creates volume and is great for massaging the scalp. If anyone has tried this let me know! Also fantastic for tired feet! 

NEW CHARITY POT - Hand and body lotion
Each Charity Pot aims to create change through funding small grassroots groups working in the areas of environmental, human rights and animal protection and 100% of the proceeds from each sale go to charity. 

This particular one "aims to educate the local community in squatter camps in and around Cape Town on the harmonious relationship between humans and animals. " - Lush SLUSH fund.

It contains Fair Trade cocoa butter, fresh aloe and moringa oil, as well as rosewood oil, geranium and ylang ylang. Ummmmm I cannot even become to express my deep love for this lotion. I don't know if I will use another brand for a really long time - because this brand works. You do not need a lot of it and it absorbs into your skin beautifully! I am a big fan of the Dove Shea Butter Body Lotion, by oh my heavens, this stuff simply steals the show. It is another level of luxurious. It smells edible and is incredible and I just want to lie in a bath of it (if I had one and it came in that quantity) because its that good! Yes that good.  It leaves my skin feeling so nourished and after a hot shower it soaks in beautifully. It has a slightly oily texture so you need to rub it in well and I usually apply it at night before bed. I also use it in morning on my arms and elbows and it doesn't  leave me feeling greasy or sticky. I am punting this product to everyone I know, especially if you suffer from dry skin. I use it as a hand cream at night before I sleep when it will have the most chance of absorbing into my skin and I can already feel my hands are softer and less dry. Please try it and let me know your thoughts!

LIP SERVICE - Lip balm
I am a huge DCT Blistex fan and have always suffered with dry or cracked lips so its my ultimate go to lip balm. I gave my last pot to a friend and since then have been looking for alternatives to DCT, I haven't found one to be honest but this is a close second. Just some of the ingredients include, apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter, beeswax and extra virgin olive oil. It has a granular texture to it so feels a bit weird, but once you apply it its very smooth and soothing and it doesn't dry out easily. It also, obviously smells incredible and edible.

So those are my top three favourite LUSH products at the moment and the one thing I have noticed is that you don't need a lot of each product and they really do last. Quality for sure and I will be stocking up when this lot runs out. I have yet to find a LUSH product that is disappointing and I am going to stay a big fan I think. Don't forget to return your empty lush containers! 

For more information on other products and prices check out the LUSH South Africa online store 

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