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Mr P has always been a firm favourite in my life. As a student I find it the most affordable place to shop along with Woolies and Cotton On more so these days, I still always find that some of my best buys are from Mr Price.

Recently you would have noticed they have gone through a bit of rebranding and  the new stores are now called 'Mr P". If you live in Cape Town and you have popped into the Waterfront Mr P you will find a new fresh look and feel, to not only the physical store but also the clothes. Mr P is known for its fashion forward buying and staying constantly on trend. Stores are looking cleaner, slicker and the stock just keeps on getting better and better. 

They also have brilliant service and incredibly enthusiastic and helpful staff which I encountered at the recently opened Waterfront store. I don't like to shop a lot and have a guilt complex about spending money on myself or on clothes, but I am working on changing that attitude and starting to look for pieces to add to my wardrobe that are cost affective and timeless  (well my interpretation of timeless) and that can be worn over and over again.

Mr P also has an incredible online store for those too busy to pop into the shops and a really great way of pairing items and showing off the different brands under the Mr P brand (RT, Oakridge, Mr P and RED).

Last weekend I came across this gorgeous parker and could not resist! It comes in both blue and green in slightly different patterns. it also has a draw string waist and versatile pockets plus a cute little hood. It was a total steal for R269.99 and I have worn it a few times and got several compliments. I am happy to welcome this sweet little jacket to my wardrobe.

Shop for this jacket online HERE

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  1. I really like the look and practicality of a parka jacket but always feel like I will look like I am drowning in it since over-sized things don't work on my short frame. You are totally pulling it off perfectly though!