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So, my blog has been grossly neglected as of late, but all in the name of a very good reason! I moved to good old Rondebosch - because after all, home is where the heart is ;)
I moved to Cape Town when I was 11 years old in 1999 and home was my beloved Sea Point. 15 years of living with in a 7 block radius with 5 moves over that time period…. home was the Atlantic Seaboard. 

I always felt lucky and grateful to experience living near the ocean, having the promenade so close, the park, beaches and the general buzz and growth of the tiny separate island of Sea Point. The library was one of my favourites and the easiness of hoping on a mini bus taxi to get to college was always an adventure. Oh and my beloved Waterfront.

But things change, we all need change at some point. You would have read in my previous posts about my endless search for a flat near SP or town. Sadly time and money were not on my side. Prices were astronomical and the made dash to try get into an affordable place was becoming exhausting (who knew flat hunting was so freaking competitive??)  It sounds silly but leaving SP was a big deal. It was my hood! But then I realised the Bosch is  only 10km's away! Don't get me wrong it is not totally new to me, I have been coming here for a very long time :)  No lies, the place is tiny but my oh oh my, what years of packing experience has taught me and paid off! I had to do a purge of some old clothes and a couple of rounds to varies charities with odds and ends, but it all fits, perfect! Sharing a tiny baby cupboard - done deal! 

So here is my suburban adventure, some things I have done, and a lot still need to be done!

Everyone runs in the Bosch, just like they do in SP and they look hardcore doing it!
There are loads of runners out every morning and evening and on a  Saturday at 8am you can do the 5km Park Run around the Rondebosch common.

Some really sweet coffee places are tucked away as well as some great corner side restaurants. 

I caught the train to college in Town the other day, quick, easy and super entertaining - also my first time catching the train in Cape Town. It is about 2km away from where I now live.

The Claremont Virgin Active, ummm AMAZING, great facilities and a proper Mind  Body studio! (attending first yoga class there tonight). Already made use of the treadmills overlooking the pool and the studios when I stretch. It's just really nice ok!!

I am closer to Muizenberg! One of my goals this year is to get more into surfing, nothing major, maybe a minimal or long board vibe, but it's a lot more encouraging now  that it is closer.

It is really pretty out here. The view is of beautiful tree's and old oaks and if you stand in the parking lot you get a gorgeous mountain view with a stunning sunset. The sky always looks beautiful and the light catches the mountain perfectly.

The Pick'n Pay is amazing, like a million times better than the crummy SP one.

Newlands forest and a variety of other forests are close by, as well as beautiful walks and hikes, can't wait to do more of that.

We have a third in a kitty (its complicated).

I am a million times more social than I ever was, I actually am prepared to drive the distance, get involved and make an effort to get out of the house and actually see people. I am cooking more and feeling settled and content. I look forward to more braai's to having more friends over, to wine and chocolate ice-cream curled up with Neil on the couch, to the sound of the crickets - because if you didn't know there is a crazy infestation this side of the world. The neighbours are friendly and the vibe is great. The occasional loud party but overall it's bliss :) The cheers from Newlands Stadium are encouraging us to look at booking tickets for events because we are so close!

It is good for now, for where I am in life, I like the silence away from the buzz, for a change. I know one day another move will be on the cards. But for now I am just grateful to live in a home of love, a city that is so accessible and beautiful and allows me to experience the freedom of living in such a special part of South Africa. I am excited to learn more, experience more and share the journey with you all :)

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  1. Ahhh so happy for you! I love your positive attitude. That's such an important attribute and you've got it, girl! Looking forward to coming by and seeing your new homestead asap. xoxo