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Try break free of your protected views and easy judgement. It amazes me in social situations, how quickly people lose interest in conversation. If you are taking the time to engage with someone the least you can do is listen. Often peoples beliefs may not align with yours, you may not agree with their political choices, thoughts, religion etc, but for goodness sake... Do not eye roll or look like you HAVE actually switched off, actually make an effort. Once in a while if we all stepped out of our comfort zones and engaged a bit with people we choose to surround ourselves with we may actually learn a little more and challenge our idealistic view and step up some healthy debating.

Make the time to nourish your mind, body and soul. Do whatever it is that makes you feel whole, complete, peaceful and happy, exercise, being around friends, whatever it is do it and make time for it. Stop feeling guilty about it.

Stop saying sorry and getting defensive. The two oddly go hand in hand, think before you speak and make sure your not then spending an eternity apologising. I met foreigners who kept on asking why we apologise for EVERYTHING and we do. In class the other day we agreed on this and agreed if you say it all the time - for no reason, it actually loses the meaning. So go easy on the sorry. Stop defending yourself all the time, its pointless and draining. Do it right, own it and be honest first time round before you feel the need to defend yourself or say sorry.

Enjoy the view. Everyday. So not everyone lives in a beautiful place, but there is a lot of beauty around us that we take for granted. I live in Cape Town I am so spoilt by the lifestyle, the view and scenery I often take it for granted. I went for a run and did not take in as much of the beauty as I should have I only thought about it when I got home, the sea spelt amazing, the air was super crisp and the light was golden. Take it all in, the evening light on the mountain, the sunrise on the way to work, the dew on on the grass, the clean fresh sky and all the beauty that surrounds us. Be thankful and appreciative of it. Buy yourself some flowers. Be present and take life around you in.

Cook more. MUCH more. Challenge yourself a bit, get out of your comfort zone in the kitchen, make mistakes, make perfection, make things you really want to make, regardless of calories and content. Just do it and learn. Share food experiences with others, no fun on your own. Book club? Na, make it cooking dinner club.

Don't be flaky be honest. Really busy? Do actually have legitimate stuff to do, don't have time because your juggling a million things and that coffee date is not an option? Well stop apologising and making excuses for it. Be honest, the people that love you will understand and respect that. Don't be flaky and make bad excuses either, if your not in the mood or not up to it or you would prefer to watch GIRLS and drink wine with a box of chocolates, then say so. No one will disown you. They may even ask to join you.

Set goals outside of your comfort zone. Nothing like a challenge to freak you out and keep you on your toes. Make vision boards and dream big. Why not right? Why do we limit our dreams, goals and aspirations? 

Stop the jealousy girls, it makes you bitter and holds you back. The girl with the skinny thighs and fab hair is human too, lets not burn her at the stake lets rather admire maybe envy her a tiny bit? Or the girl who gets stuff done and is dedicated to gym and juggling busy life, family, friends and  a million things while maintaining a dream set of gorgeously groomed eyebrows  or the chica who is on a holiday on a beautiful island somewhere drinking coconut water and frolicking on the beach, not jealousy - inspiration and motivation. Support your fellow ladies and put the jealousy aside. It is a mask that you hide behind that fuels your insecurities. Step it up, pull it together and love yourself enough to focus more on you than someone else.

Challenge your style, try something new, give a new make-up brand a go,  try skinny jeans, do the hair braid you keep wanting to try, eat something you haven't tried, go somewhere you think of but don't get round to going. focus your energy where it is needed and meant to be. Don't waste a second. Respect yourself, your loved ones, your best assets and best attributes, respect your needs, your desires and wants, learn from mistakes, learn from others, grow your mind, soul, every fibre of your being and fill your life with hope and faith to get you past each day, because there is SO much to be grateful for. This is not a dress rehearsal folks

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