by - 8:12:00 AM

(super eager got to class way too early)

So a bit of a cheat because today is Tuesday, but I did go back to yoga last night :) yay!
I love the Monday night class because I have been attending it for well over a year now and I love the teacher who takes the class  (Point Virgin Active). Having been MIA the last few months, it has been very frustrating missing out, yoga was the last form of exercise that I really needed to rest properly before doing (yoga is very neural based). 

Been back at yoga was awesome! I was petrified most of the day, because I did not know what to expect and I  do have a tendency to push myself, but I did OK, once I was there and in the flow, the moment and back to a familiar place. I managed most things, took breaks when I needed to and really enjoyed that 90min escape in my mind. I really look forward to doing more yoga classes and building up my strength again, also getting more into yoga on a daily basis at home! Time to set some goals and work towards them.

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