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I have always loved slip-on shoes, I think they are casual and comfy and work well with a relaxed outfit. It is hard to find a pair that don't cost a bomb! Many well known brands make these but the price is a little bit crazy. On Pinterest I noticed how nice the animal print ones look with an outfit. I actually don't own anything leopard or cheetah print and I admire people who carry it off so well. I like the idea of something busy or a fun print to add to an outfit. Especially shoes :)

I spotted a cute pair of spotty/dotty black and white slip-ons at Mr Price but have been umming and aaing over whether they would look nice. Before I buy something I like to think it over, the more versatile it is the better and if I can wear it through all the seasons (or most) it's a total win. With a student budget I do a lot of my shopping at Mr Price and I have found some great trendy items as well as the usual basics. So when I decided it was time to go back and try them on for the fourth time (I know) to my delight and surprise they had the  animal print slip-ons! Yay!

 Best of all, they cost R80! What a steal for such a great pair of shoes? Looking forward to wearing them, especially when it gets a bit cooler.

Attempted an outfit post but Neil just makes me laugh too much :) The high waisted shorts and spotty tee are also from Mr Price.

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  1. Love it! So pretty!

    PS: I much prefer your outfit post (natural, laughing) than most posted on the internet (awkward poses & weird faces)



  2. How cute are you??? Love the outfit.

    Kez x