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I don't believe in eliminating things from your diet. I do however try to exercise moderation when it comes to carbs and I do my best to avoid refined/white carbs but I do enjoy a pizza or burger from time to time. I try and cook good base meals and make sure I have the correct nutrients in my body. I do enjoy food, I have a Mediterranean background and food is everything. EVERYTHING. 

Often been a student can override better options and sometimes I over indulge on the chocolate or dessert,  but over the years I have started learning to listen to my body and what it wants and needs. Your body is a machine that needs to be fuelled properly, it isn't about weight loss it is about feeling better, more awake, more nourished.  I adore chocolate! But over the years if I eat too much sugar (including fructose, alcohol, refined carbs)  I develop incredibly itchy skin and a weird rash. This is not good and this is my body saying stop! 

Although I don't eat a lot of refined sugar because I am aware of what it really does to you, I do eat a lot of fruit, fruit isn't always the best because some fruit is packed with fructose and that can aggravate my body. I read a lot of stuff on health and nutrition because I have a long term plan to really nurture and appreciate my body. I will never be fully vegan or be able to not eat sushi or carbs, or just eat salad if I go out for dinner, but I have learnt moderation is key and what MY body wants.

I recently noticed that my immune system is rather weak and I keep feeling incredibly tired and sluggish during the day. In the heat I am not always keen to cook oats so I grab fruit and often  it is not filling enough to start my day with and I end up eating very sugary fruit throughout the day or grabbing snacks with little nutritional value. I decided to start making smoothies and managing my fruit in take. I am gearing up to be able to make smoothies with more veg ratio to fruit ratio, but this is just a starting point. I made a delicious green smoothie with spinach, blueberries, strawberries, banana, flaxseed, a bit of almond milk and ice! Delicious! I measure out my fruit in cups so I can control my intake. I started a smoothie Pinterest board to help keep motivated and it is a great way to find new recipes. Some say you should ad fruit juice or ice-cream, personally  I would not recommend this if your trying to cut back on sugar. almond milk,  (full cream plain yoghurt if you want to bulk it up and make it more creamy) water and coconut water all help to add a bit extra to the smoothie base. 

Another major win, it costs a lot less to do it yourself than to buy smoothies in restaurants that often have added syrups and sugars in them! The very healthy Caterina Toffoli suggested I prepare smoothie packs and freeze them, this prolongs the produce without you ending up wasting and it's also great to have them all prepped and ready to blend. Each week I plan on introducing a new veggie to my mix and to experiment a bit more. I already feel a lot more awake in the morning after a smoothie and I feel less inclined to eat sweet stuff during the day now. 

If you have any smoothie recipes or suggestions please let me know!

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  1. I love smoothies! I normally freeze away a week's worth of smoothies at a time so I can just take a pack out of the freezer in the morning and quickly make one. I have recently started my own blog and try to post a few smoothie recipes on there, there isn't much yet, but I am always experimenting with new ideas. Feel free to check it out:

    You have a wonderful blog and I just love your articles!