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I really love Billabong Women's clothing. I know growing up as a tweenie it was all about the T-shirt that had the brand name splashed across it, but having followed the brand over the years, you come to see that its pieces, swimwear and designs follow an interesting story with a link that show their inspiration from not only the ocean but other incredible sources - in this case, beautiful South Africa!

 I am in love with the new Neon Safari range and if I had boat loads of money I would buy the whole lot :)  I will be saving up for the Safari Botswana Jacket as seen below!

The Billabong Womens European blog had this to stay about the range:
"This season we were inspired by the South African Ndebele tribe and their colorful houses, tribal patterns, beadwork and the hopes and dreams of the young women and children. We are working with the people of Mapoch to purchase their handcrafts to design and produce beaded friendship bracelets. We want to give back and thank them for sharing their stories and inspiring our brand".

So awesome when brands are inspired by our beautiful country. Check out the video below to find out how the new Neon Safari Range has been inspired by the Ndebele and how they plan to grow a special connection with the tribe and the beautiful crafts they produce.
Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below :)

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  1. Their painted houses are so pretty! Last year I helped one of the twins I used to look after with his school project once on the Ndebele tribe, so it was neat to watch the Billabong clip to see some of the painted houses on video. The bead work is also stunning!

  2. We should go on a trip and check it out for ourselves :)

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