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One of my favourite lip moisturisers is Blistex. Famed for their little soft pink tub of super awesome DCT lip balm, that moisturises and adds a little bit of shine. I love Blistex because it brings out a natural colour in the lip and lasts. Many of their lip balms have an SPF in them which is truly great all year round for ultimate lip protection. My only issue is that often I find the little tub can be tricky to use. Using your finger in a little pot of lip balm can be tricky, messy and sometimes wasteful (well that's in my case). I love the Blistex lip balm sticks - they are way easier to use and like the pot, you don't need much and they really last.

The new Blistex Simple and Sensitive is a new hypo-allergenic lip balm specially designed to moisturise even the most tender lips safely without any risk of irritation. Completely free of sensitive agents, such as flavourants, fragrances or colourants, this straight forward, no-fuss lip balm contains just six carefully selected pure ingredients. 

Rigorously tested and clinically proven to be gentle on the lips while leaving them hydrated and healthy. Key ingredients include: Cocoa Butter - A lush extract which lends to serious moisturising properties. Sunflower Seed Oil and Jojoba extracts help smooth, soften and comfort lips and Vitamin E, a highly beneficial anti-oxidant that helps to give lips daily protection. New hypo-allergenic Blistex Simple and Sensitive Lip Balm is highly affective and  really does make my lips feel nourished and moisturised without all the fuss of fragrances and colourants. It also lasts without feeling sticky and 'coated' on my lips. It is great for the whole family to use if you are looking for something light and not too fancy. You can find it at selected pharmacies and leading stores selling at around R45.

Let me know your thoughts on Blistex and if you have tried the new Blistex Simple and Sensitive Lip Moisturiser and how it works for you :)


By: Saturday Girl SA 

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