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Always miss my mom and dad when I am away from them.

Not sure how I feel about winter....... I could do with a little bit more summer.

Be free of those who have let you down or hurt you. Not worthwhile holding things against them. Not everyone you meet is meant to have a vital place in your life. Take what you can from them and the lessons you have learnt and move forward. More room in your life for those who wish to be apart of it and treat you as an equal and value you.

To be in a relationship and not have to be attached to your other half permanently. To have someone that lets you live your life and is also a big part of it. The beauty of missing someone with all your heart and knowing that they are the only person you ever want to be with. Believe in yourself and your relationships, confidence is key.

Having a quarter life crisis is not so bad :) you suddenly realise how far you have come and that your silly days as an insecure teenager are well and truly behind you and your regrets should be non at all, you need to learn some lessons along the way.

Invest in good shoes.

Show a little gratitude.

 Start listening, not hearing, but truly listening to what people say and have to say, you may learn something new.

Don't give up on what makes you happy, you believe in and what you want to achieve. Get knocked down, have a little pity party, but then get up again. You are the only one who can make the change in your life :) 

I know I repeat myself, but I like repeating , it keeps me on track and reminds me, always :)


by: Saturday Girl SA

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