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2013 is here and the summer holidays seem like a distant memory....but don't fret, summer is here to stay! That still means slipping in some much needed pool and beach time to soak up the rest of the summer sunshine! To make the start of this year even better, VO5 are giving away a gorgeous hamper to make sure your hair stays in great condition when you are out and about enjoying the divine weather. 

while summer brings the heat and sun to warm our spirits and excite our wardrobes, we often tend to forget about our hair care. It is important to protect your from UV rays which cause damage to our lovely locks (see previous VO5 SUMMER HAIR TIPS post).
 So, VO5 are offering a range of products to provide moisture texture, protection, styling and heat defence for your hair. We all know a pretty up-do hairstyle is stunning but lovely,healthy free flowing locks are a total winner for summer!
 So make sure you enter and to win a VO5 hamper worth R500.00 of amazing products!

How to enter:
Super easy, all you need to do is comment (see comments below post) on this post with your name and e mail address telling me why you would like to win this hamper! (it can be something short and sweet, remember the draw is done at random selection see rules)

This competition runs from 7 January - 14 February 2013 until 12:00pm (late entries will not be considered)
Winner will be announced later in the day! 
Boys don't forget to enter and win this fantastic prize for a lovely lady in your life!

Participants/entrants must be South African
Winner will be selected by entrants names put on a piece of paper and randomly drawn
There is only one winner for this prize
The hamper will be couriered to the winner

Full list of products up for grabs:

 VO5 gloss me smoothly shampoo
 VO5 gloss me smoothly conditioner
 VO5 give me moisture shampoo
 VO5 give me moisture conditioner
 VO5 miracle mist
 VO5 extreme style rework fibre putty
 VO5 plump it up weightless mousse
 VO5 smoothly does it straightening balm
 VO5 give me texture choppy crème wax
 VO5 Styling mega hold styling gel spray
 VO5 give me texture tousled style spray 

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Good luck


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  1. I would love to win this hamper because my hair has taken a beating from all the surfing - constant sun and saltwater takes it's toll! I have the worst tangles in the world!

  2. I would love to win this hamper because taking good care of my hair is very high on my priority list and it would help me a lot if V05 can support me in this! :D

    Another reason would be the fact that I have never won any competition before!


  3. I definitely think I deserve to win this hamper due to the very busy summer season I have had, which has lead me to neglect my hair most times. I have just graduated and am currently a job seeker and have come to realise that appearance is of vital importance when trying to make an impression. By having these VO5 products, I will have one less thing to worry about (my crazy hair) so I am free to focus on landing my dream job and reaching my full potential.

    I also have really thick hair and my family constantly complains that it is always all over the house due to it falling out so much. By using these VO5 products, I am sure that the nagging will stop and they will all be jealous and want to use my products aswell.

    My boyfriend also has hardly any hair as I make up for the both of us, and by using these products if I were to win them, I am 100% sure that I will not end up like him one day :)


  4. My sun stresses hair needs some TLC!

  5. I have never used any styling products on my hair, but would love to start with these :)


  6. I made a promise to myself to make 2013 my year of change and I'm starting with a drastic haircut. If I were to win this hamper, my new hairstyle will always looking amazing.


  7. I would love to win the VO 5 Hamper! My hair is in a sorry state thanks to my obsession with the ocean and general beach bum lifestyle. {}

  8. After a wonderful month spent mostly on the beach and in the sun my hair was already feeling rather dry and awful but then I decided to dye it (myself) a more golden caramel blonde, the day before an important event. Well needless to say this was the worst decision as the colour came out a horrid blue grey! Not a speck of golden to be seen. I panicked and ask a friend to go bye another colour for me so I could rectify it and as all salons had already closed this was my only option. After lots of praying and yoga breathing I unravelled the towel and to my horror my hair was now a ginger orange!!! I broke down and cried. Sounds silly but I really was shocked. My other friend had some brown dye (all shops were closed and yes this was all done on a single night!!!) so I dyed it the bland brown just so that I could attend the event the next morning with a semi acceptable shade of colour on my head. I thought I was in the clear and would wait a week or two before going back to my original blonde but then as Murphy's law would have it I received a phone call saying I have a shoot the next day and they want me to be my normal blonde. I then eagerly phoned many salons trying to get an emergency booking and no one wanted to touch my hair saying you cannot dye it so many times and your hair will all fall out. Being a stubborn taurean I refused to listen and marched off to clicks to get a pre-lightener stripper(the type that removes all colour from your hair not the naughty kind) and my usual lighter then my natural colour shade of blonde. After spending a couple hours and plenty more praying my hair was back to its original colour. So 5 boxes of dye in 2 days and I was back to my normal shade!!! Fortunately I did not loose any hair but my hair is so very dry and really in need of some love therefore this hamper will be ideal. I have promised my hair I will never ever put it through all of that again and am so thankful for my thick strong hair that puts up with all the abuse I put it through. This experience has taught me plenty and I would really like to restore my hair back to its healthy condition as straw is not very 2013.

  9. Im a total 'wake up and go' girl. I live an adventurous life (seriously, sometimes i have no idea where im going), so i need this prize coz it fits in with my no-fuss lifestyle. Having a bad hair day under control is like finding treasure on a beach! Speaking of the beach... (so pick me maybe?)

  10. Amazing giveaway!

    My hair would be forever indebted to you if I won, she's in dire need of some special attention!

  11. Julia -

    If only I had been a 20-something in the 1980s. My life would have been so much easier. My hair has been affectionately (or otherwise) referred to as a 'frizz ball', 'helmet hair' and 'the Afro'.

    To alleviate school ground (and corporate office) taunts, I have resorted to years of my life being dedicated to the lengthy process of hair straightening. My thick, unruly mass can take 2 hours from the 'it really needs to be washed before I am fit to be seen in public' stage to the acceptably straight stage. Sadly, on a humid day or if there is even the whisper of a mention of rainfall somewhere on the vast continent of Africa, my hair reverts with the swiftness of hungry fox to a pyramid. This in part is due to the amount of damage done from repetitive GHD-ing without decent products and in part due to my naturally dry hair. The whole process then must be repeated.

    Therefore, in conclusion, I submit that I would like to win the products, as the 80s frizz-fro is no longer acceptable in our modern society, and a girl must do what a girl must do, to not be socially scorned by her employers, colleagues and friends. Oh, and as a first year candidate attorney my salary is so low that it’s barely worth the paper it’s written on, and I could not afford to buy the lovely VO5 product range for at least the next year.

  12. I would love love love to win this hamper... I'm having a baby in March and my super long hair is going to need all the protection and help it can get, what with weird post-preggy hormones and exhaustion. Please pick me!!


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  14. Wow I thought I deserved to win until I read the post by "One stiletto at a time" :)
    Good luck all


  15. Putting out the positive energy that I will win this hamper as my valentines present to myself this year :)

  16. After a stunning weekend of sea and sun, my hair needs some serious TLC, and this looks like just what I need. That's my short & sweet story!

  17. I have had my hair ombred and it is in desperate need of a little something something. The best way to wear ombre is to have loose waves...because of my hair, that means, blow-drying, GHDing and then only using the curling iron. Girlfriend needs this!


    yasmin schrueder (@yasCT)

  19. Guys I just wanna win something. Also the bottles look pretty. Also I love free stuff. Also my hair is so dry and unshiny. I want shiny kimmy k hair :( don't rob me of it!
    Lotsa love

  20. I would love to win this hamper,which would help these curls! Also I'm about to move to another country,where a climate change will affect my hair so good proudcts is what I will need to ace my auditions for Broadway!
    When my hair is great I have more confidence and every actor NEEDs more confidence :-)

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  22. Can't say I have ever used VO5, what nicer way to try it than winning this awesome competition. I want I want!

  23. My hair is so messed up from bleaching and I love VO5 girl! xx

  24. I really, really REALLY NEED to win this hamper! My hair needs some serious TLC after this weekend. We were are an Hawaiian themed birthday party, and unbeknownst to the party, the birthday girl had thrown BLUE FOOD COLOURING in the swimming pool to make it more 'Hawaiian'. My hair still has a shade of green and it feels terrible!

  25. I would LOVE to win because I had Ombre hair which my hairdresser talked me into doing, I HATED it so after 2 weeks of "sticking it out", I was ready to chop off my hair into a Bob but hairdresser talked me out of it, dyed the ends back to brown but my hair still feels like straw! I could cry!

  26. Thank you all for supporting and entering!!! Please see my twitter @saturdaygirlsa for photos of the draw (done by random selection)

    The Winner is Mariska!
    Congratulations! Happy VO5 pampering :)