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The holidays may be over but summer is here to stay! So while the gorgeous dresses and colourful bikini's help celebrate your joy for the glorious sunshine season, it’s important not to forget about your gorgeous hair!

 As you know I have a slight obsession with my hair and I am always looking for new ways to get creative with it! often I forget about the actual condition of my hair until its too late and it has become dry and dull, especially when I am out and about on the beach. We often forget that UV rays and fluctuating weather conditions tend to wreak havoc on our lovely locks.

Don’t let the summer sun get your hair down, VO5’s lead stylist, Luna, has some useful hints and tips how to keep your hair in luscious condition all summer––without losing out on valuable chill time at the pool or beach.

 1. Always make sure to protect your hair from UV rays as the sun dries hair quickly. Wearing a hat is an option, but if you want to go hatless, use VO5’s Miracle Mist to tame your flyaways. VO5’s Give Me Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner is also a great alternative to replenish and moisturise your hair
2.   Don’t skimp on your intake of water, drinking lots of water helps replenish lost fluids from the hot days, and helps keep you and your hair hydrated.
3.   Be sure to use VO5’s range of heat styling products such as Heat Defence styling spray, on your hair when heat styling and heading out and about in the sun.
4.   Make sure you have got an intense moisturising mask to use once a week. Alternatively make use of hot oils such as VO5’s Give me moisture and Miracle Concentrate Elixir with Argan Oil to give your hair the boost it needs for summer.
5.   Summer style 2012 is all about having loose “free-spirited” hair, so why not pull it back into a loose pony, or braid loosely? Remember that tight styles can cause damage and breakage to your hair.
6.  To achieve beach kinks, braid strands of hair and pin it to the top of your head before going to bed, after a good night’s rest simply remove the pins and viola! You've got stunning beach kinks

For even more, ongoing hints and styling tips from Luna. Visit www.facebook.com/vo5sa and welcome summer with your best attitude and hair.


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  1. here's another tip (i learnt the hard way) if you have ombre hair, put on a conditioner before going into a pool. your hair might turn green. and if it does, bicarb is your best friend ;)