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I have only been to Arniston about three times, by oh my, I have fallen in deep deep love with this place.
 For me it reminds me of a mini Mediterranean coastal town with glorious warm water. I love swimming in the sea, I find it the most therapeutic  freeing, cleansing, refreshing thing. So this past weekend was truly a blessing and much needed.
 Nothing can beat an incredible weekend away with friends who make you laugh and smile! Thank you guys :) Loved the girls winning 30's, a group yoga session on the grass, lots of G&T's, sleeping in bunk beds, tuna mayo, delicious braai's, far too many packets of chips, swimming next to the boys while they got some fun waves, playing games, lying in the sun, soaking up the beauty and taking a moment to think how lucky and blessed I am to go to a beautiful place with wonderful people.

Ps: My goal is to own a holiday house in Arniston :)


Pics by scenery pictures by Saturday Girl SA. other pics by: Cathy and Kate


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