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This year has taught me a lot. The past couple of years have been difficult for me as I have struggled with a back injury that has hindered my ability to exercise and also ended my dance career. But! A lot of good has come from this and many lessons have been learnt. I am not the most patient of people. It has not been easy for me. Luckily I have truly supportive people in my life who believe in me, along with a fantastic physiotherapist who has helped me on my journey. 

This year I started doing yoga classes at the Point Virgin Active. After years of fearing exercising and battling my way through sports injury rehab and finding myself frustrated and demotivated, I finally found something that challenges me, keeps me fit and helps my mind and spirit. There are still a lot of exercises I can't do, but I work with what I can do and work to respect my body, not push and not over do. 

I only manage to make one class a week, but I still go to gym and do my own practice as often as I can, I have to listen to my body now and if it hurts I need to be aware and respect that. The people in my class are all so lovely and the instructors understanding, I don't feel pressurised to be amazing I feel content to work at my own pace.  Some days I struggle, other days I strive. Yoga is something I truly believe has helped my body start healing. Although it is not a cure, it is my little bit of peace of mind and my chance to do a little more, step by step in order to regain my fitness and feel stronger. I have decided to start doing Yoga Monday posts, to share and inspire you all to get involved. If you cant go to gym or afford classes, there are some amazing online videos that are very helpful! NAMASTE :) 

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