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Last night we attending the awesome premier of Jordy Smith's surf film BENDING COLOURS hosted at the Grand in association with Red Bull. The event was awesome with a fantastic vibe and beautiful setting! The boyf is a devoted and avid surfer, I myself don't surf,  but I still have a deep appreciation for the ocean and the sport. I respect people who have such an awesome skill and who find passion and life within their dedication and determination to surf and travel. Very inspirational!!!!!

Everyone needs to watch the film (below is the trailer) If you are a South African you will truly appreciate the incredible scenery and they amazing cinematography  that really puts our beautiful country on the map. Not forgetting the insane surfing that goes down! OH MY HAT! 

(Drinking delicious Red Bull and Sky Vodka, amazing blueberry flavour on the left)

(Thank you to The Little Black Book for organising)

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