by - 8:27:00 AM

  • Squeezed in some beach time yesterday, felt a little guilty, not sure why
  • Looking forward to this weekend
  • Drinking loads of lemon and hot water! Amazing for your skin and immune system
  • Holding thumbs
  • Missing my gran (sittoo) feel like her Lebanese cooking
  • Counting down the days until my dad arrives for a visit
  • Cant wait to go see the little Christmas market in Sea Point hall
  • Need to up the healthy eating and exercise, been a bit slack
  • Kind of miss the routine of varsity, also cannot wait to get my marks
  • Have alllooot of admin to do this holiday, serious spring clean and bank stuff eeekks
  • Treasuring my silver bangle from my boyf
  • Learning to let go of so much and make peace with so much
  • Forgiveness is the key to so many answers
  • Feeling grateful for all the good in my life and how lucky I am
  • Daydreaming of a holiday far away on a Thai beach
  • Missing friends, sad that some may be leaving next year to go overseas, but also happy and excited for them
  • Used the new LUSH shampoo bar (special gift) finally feel like my hair has hope again
  • Looking forward to new years in Elands
  • Still wishing for a mac book and a go pro (aaah one can dream)
  • Need to get more series on my hard drive, its literally been ages and is super overdue

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