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Last night I was spoilt by the boyf with a awesome surprise! I am a huge fan of surprises so this was really a treat. We arrived at Kirstenbosch Gardens and attended the

 ( this is the only pic I managed to get because I was beside myself with excitement and running around buying sweets).

I am so impressed by the organisation of the event and how well presented it was. Different tickets include various packages, ours was two comfy, warm blankets and the viewing of an epic movie. You could also hire ground chairs (by ACT 2 popcorn) as well as blankets. They had microwaves with various yummy popcorns available and amazing food vendors selling mouth watering delights (like seafood paella!). The weather was a bit chilly, but we were prepared with our lovely blankets and warm clothes. Most people had bought their own blankets, food, snacks and wine and arrived early so they could mingle and enjoy the setting.

The movie was Forest Gump, first time I have ever seen it! The best part was when the beautiful full moon came out and shone over the stunning location! Really a fantastic event, well organised, great facilities and loads on offer to keep you cosy and satisfy your taste buds!

 The  event will be running weekly (usually on Wednesdays) and will screen a variety of films from foreign to documentaries  adventure sports and all time classics. For more information check out their site and book yourself a seat for the next event! Super romantic night! Also great to gather all your friends and share a night under the stars in the most amazing location!

Ps: Thank you boyf :)


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