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This past week has not been the greatest and by Wednesday I was feeling pretty over run and panicked. When my friend Kristi, who is an aspiring photographer (she starts her studies soon) suggested we do a fun little test shoot at the beach I could not say no. The beach is my saving grace, so in winter I am not really able to go, mainly due to the freezing cold weather! But on Wednesday the 
hazy cold had lifted by the afternoon and we found ourselves strolling down to Clifton.

Being on the beach with not a soul in sight, hearing the roaring ocean and smelling the salty air for me, is the best way to let go of all the things plaguing my mind and allow myself to really just relax.
 Kristi is possibly the most beautiful, strong person I have ever met. A true friend that I value and trust. I always feel like after I see her my spirits have been lifted and my head clearer.

 I have full faith that Kristi will do well in photography and I like that she took these snaps of me while we just chatted and laughed. We had to wait for that golden afternoon light that really gives Clifton beach that warm glow. Kristi kept these pictures natural, which I love! I am no model and over the years have tried to become more accepting of myself and realise it's not about looks it's about who you are as a person. I wanted to share these pictures because they are captured in the mood and were fun to do, also because I know Kristi will grow from strength to strength on her new venture and I hope to share more of her work here on my blog.

thanks kris :)

check out Kristi's illustration work  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kristi/306157852790728

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