by - 9:50:00 AM

  • Admin up to my eye balls
  • Moaning about winter
  • Sulking over lack of e net and having to borrow boyfs
  • Dreaming of summer and coastal trips
  • Relief after finally finding out its not my immune system that keeps making me sick, turns out my immune system is just fantastic thank you very much! But rather the mechanics of my sinuses
  • Excited and scared for an operation to fix the above (next week eeek)
  • Grateful, for pretty much everything, even when I moan
  • Aspiring to take life less seriously and actually live more, laugh more, love more
  • Stoked to have won a pair of Lee Jeans from Being Brazen's blog (all my jeans have broken, literally or have holes in unsightly places)
  • Anxious to get back to Varsity! Dorky I know
  • Driven to achieve success after my operation and get back into my beloved yoga
  • Loving having special people in my life
  • Nourishing my body with healthy goods
  • Missing JHB family

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  1. All the best for ur operation and recovery afterwards! :) x