by - 8:28:00 AM

  • Weekend of awesome scrabble
  • Rum and Coke with ice on hot summer evening
  • Home cooking
  • Adventures
  • Learning that peoples attitudes can be hurtful
  • Learning I am able to loose sleep over it. (lame)
  • Waking up to a cool breeze in the most amazing city
  • Driving with no petrol all over. (amazing)
  • Improving at gym and back rehab (baby steps)
  • Missing my mom
  • Sound of the sea and traffic outside my window
  • Learning its best not to be helpful sometimes
  • Realising your a sensitive soul
  • Finding your dream shoes, only to realise they are unaffordable (of course)
  • Hotel pool swims with Neil and more epic scrabble
  • Having a moment of gratitude for all you have
  • Sweet potato oven chips
  • Watching the surfers in Sea Point
  • How I met your mother

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