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Sigh, I really do have a ridiculously romantic boyfriend. After much debate (starting months ago) about where we should go for a weekend away together, and sifting through numerous sites and online guides, he informed me the search was over! He found and place, and no he was not telling me where because it was a surprise! (swoon) So after a long wait and having to be very patient, which is not my strong point, we finally set off on our journey on Friday afternoon.

Driving up the Garden route at this time of the year means gorgeous canola fields brimming with gorgeous bright yellow flowers, lush rain drenched country side and animals roaming at ease. The surprise lasted right up until we turned into a slice of heaven, Garden Route Game lodge. To say it is beautiful is an understatement (my pictures dont do it justice, please see the site. OMW)
My only memory of a game drive is when I was about 8 years old in Sun City and I was more concerned with eating smarties and having a lesson in how to get the coating off by my mother than I was with any animals. So this was ideal, since its been something I have wanted to do. On top of the ridiculously good service and insanely amazing location, came a beautiful room with the biggest queen sized bed, blissful shower, comfort and a spider (which in the end I got over). It was perfect in every possible way. Starting with a gorgeous roaring fire in the main dining area, romantic tables, and a hearty buffet, we headed back to our room for a good nights rest before an early morning game drive.

The first drive started before 7am. After piling on the layers of clothing, watching the sunrise from the deck we headed out. And how lucky we were! First up were the two cheetahs. That morning they had killed one of the ostriches and pulled it into the bushes. It was fascinating to watch the two feed. The entire drive was amazing. Watching the sun-kissed valley with its gorgeous animals and setting with incredible views of the mountain and wild. You really feel like you are far away from everything. After our drive we dived in the breakfast buffet which is too delicious. next up cheetah sanctuary! ( see below post) The guides were all so passionate and informative that you cant help but ask questions and get involved! After some exploring and view admiring, we spent the afternoon reading and relaxing. Evening time we met at the bar for sundowners and wrapped up warmly for the evening drive. This time we got to see the Rhinos (including baby rhino Oliver) and also spent time discussing poaching (currently a massive problem and a disgrace on mankind). The guides have an unbelievable eye for the animals and spot them long before we do. We had the chance to see a giraffe parked off in the middle of one of the paths (apparently they don't sit down often) along with some hungry looking female lions and some very placid and pregnant zebras.

Again we indulged in a dinner feast and ate to our heart's content. Beautiful sunsets, amazing company and the bliss of been away was beyond satisfying. Fresh air, the person you love and the gorgeous surroundings are enough to put any person in a calm state of mind. Not to mention so grateful for the opportunity to see animals that man has endangered and to see people trying to stop this from happening and who have a real passion and concern for our wildlife! Sunday saw us devouring our last breakfast of the weekend and silently wishing we didn't have to leave and return to the city. Next stop was the reptile park, some scary looking snakes and some crocodiles that looked lazy (which I am sure they are not) and then a farewell to the little huts scattered on the hill, the friendly staff and the stillness. We stopped along the coast and the contrast between two place so close together is astounding. We truly live in such a beautiful, serene part of the world with everything only a few hours away with so much to offer. It's worth every second to be out in nature and reassess what you have in life and how much you should live everyday with passion, joy, love, happiness and gratitude.

(so many photos of so many animals, this is just a few pics from the trip)

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