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Garden Route Game Lodge Has the most amazing wildlife! After our morning game drive we went to the cheetah sanctuary. Words cannot describe how truly beautiful these animals are. Although they are behind fences they have a vast amount of space to roam and this particular day the two brother cubs (who have formed an incredible bond and will maintain it when they are realised into the game park) decided to put on a little show for us. The two youngsters came and sat right at the fence where we stood and started to clean and play with each other. They really look like gorgeous cats, but they are super wild, super powerful and super interest in the children roaming around! (easy pray) The facts and information on these incredible creatures is fascinating and I couldn't help snapping away with my camera. I feel incredibly lucky to have seen them like this and so playful. The very brave tour guide even popped into the enclosure so he could demonstrate that they are wild cats and not fans of humans. eeeek

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