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 So I hardly write much on my blog other than lists. I really should write more because I am always thinking of things I want to say. Lists seem to condense those things. This week has been interesting. If you live in Cape Town you will be experiencing mother nature at her coldest! Never have I felt this cold before. The other morning I stood in my lounge which overlooks Rocklands and looked out at the crazy ocean been whipped up by the wind, the chilly breeze and the icy splash coming from the rough water. It was beautiful, surreal and a gorgeous winter day. ( Please note, I am not a winter girl, give me summer, sun, beach all the time)

 But then I looked down and right next to this gorgeous ocean view, with my mug of hot coffee in my hand, I noticed a group of homeless men huddled along the wall of a small building across from the beach. It was freezing and they clearly had no where to go with little warm clothing. Here I was admiring my view from my lovely warm, safe home, while there are people on the street freezing. Of course we cant go through life comparing ourselves to other peoples situations, but it did make stop and realise that I have a lot to be grateful for. We all have rough times, tough times, bad patches and moments but at the end of the day your not standing out in the cold alone. People will argue its choice, there are shelters and places to go etc etc. Irrelevant in my mind, maybe I am a softy, or its in my nature but I do sympathise, so while I was grumbling about the rain and my car been in for service and all that small mundane stuff I had to turn away from my beautiful sea side view and take a moment to thank the universe for all the good I do have!

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