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Clearing my head. 

It is winter, even though there are a few great days (like this weekend) it is mainly, and overwhelmingly winter.

 With winter comes delicious, hearty food and lots of overindulging ( I am talking jeans not fitting) and hiding in a million layers of clothing, it is no excuse, there is NO excuse, I am responsible for my body, what I put into it, how I choose to nourish it and feed it, give it strength and agility. That is all up to me. No one is forcing me to eat more, or skip gym or be too frantic and busy to prepare myself a proper meal or take a moment to do some light stretching even!  I have to be the one who is prepared, organised and ready to get stuff done. No amount of inspirational quote pinning on Pinterest is going to get me a summer body or feeling strong. And yes, I want a summer body, I want to feel strong, confident, comfortable and relaxed. I want new energy, new vibrance, time out and time to grow myself!

Most of all, I actually want to take advantage of what has been given to me. A healthy body. One that works and can do things. I don't want to feel ill or over tired, or eat just for the sake of eating or because its there. I want to feel energetic, not regretful and not squished into jeans. I don't want to deprive myself of anything but I do want to exercise some moderation and mindfulness.

I noticed the last few months I have had a poor routine. I adore routine!! The last year and a half has actually been a bit of a joke. I don't think I have actually really and truly put into practice a lot of the things I have wanted to or things I have spoken about in this blog. I am still busy processing the non stop roller coaster and getting an actual grip on many elements in my life but its up to me to take control of the things I actually want to change. I guess grieving plays a part. A part that makes you sad or confused, maybe a bit of emotional eating and carelessness towards ones self….. but its no excuse. 

 I actually need to put ME first. Myself and my needs, what I want to achieve in all areas in my life and actually follow through with it and not get too easily side tracked, or give up, or get too immersed in one thing and forget about the others.

So instead of spending too much time online, or on social media, twitter, instagram.  I have decided to put limitations on these things and not feel the need to post/share every single thing about my life. I actually need to stop and achieve some personal goals. By personal I actually mean personal. Yes, I have shared it here because I hope others will be able to read this an relate to it, but also I realise I don't need everyone to know every part of my life. 

Yesterday boyf and I have the most amazing day! The weather was gorgeous and we sat on the beach watching the waves with the sun pouring over our winter skin. I realised its time to shed the winter skin, even though it is winter and will be for awhile, this is the time for rejuvenation, to wake up the mind, body and soul, to really dig deep so that by summer I am ready to tackle each day and enjoy each and every moment even more, with a new sense of self and energy. Also, I didn't need to take a million photos and post them yesterday, why? Because I actually purposefully left my phone in the car, walked onto the sand and listened, laughed and kissed the person I love the most and I didn't have to photo document it. I actually LIVED the moment and it was glorious. 

I will share things on my blog because it an open journal and when I write I feel better, when I hear someones comments or stories that may relate to this I feel inspired and hopeful and sometimes putting it out there forces us to actually DO and follow through, not just 'say'.

So no more complaining to friends, family or boyf. I am responsible for the things I want and need in life so I better make them happen. Thats in all areas of my life. No better feeling than achieving :)

 On Saturday I went back to yoga and it felt incredible! This morning I got out of bed and went to gym and it felt even better! I didn't stuff my fast last night at dinner so I didn't feel bloated and lethargic and I had a lovely long luxurious shower this morning and scrubbed, brushed, moisturised myself silly and that too felt amazing. Why? Because, I am doing the things I want to do. Not for anyone else, not for a cheer, not for recognition, but because I am going to do it for me. Start focusing on me and looking after myself.

 I am shedding my 'winter skin' and clearing out the hibernation style cobwebs - for me.

NOTE: In order to assist me with my goal setting and organising I downloaded a fantastic App called Any.Do It actually helps to be able to tick things of and have a friendly reminder of what needs to get done. I am for ever losing note pads and scraps of paper and my memo can often go unread. is actually a great motivator and personal goal setter!

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